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Name Graveyard Keeper
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Package com.tinybuild.graveyardkeeper
Publisher Tinybuild
Category Games
Version 1.129
Size 96M
Requires Android 4.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Unlocked, Purchased DLC Content
An attractive role-playing gameThe plot in the game is really emotive. After concluding his shift, salesperson Garry walked out of the grocery shop. After that, his wife called him, but befo...
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An attractive role-playing game

The plot in the game is really emotive. After concluding his shift, salesperson Garry walked out of the grocery shop. After that, his wife called him, but before he could answer, he was killed in a vehicle accident. He then encounters a mysterious individual who is given the chance to live a second time, but not in the same universe as him. He was taken to a cemetery where he had to take care of the graves. He begged to go back to his wife but was unable to, thus he died in the other world and his purpose is to manage here. Then the narrative began. The game is comparable to the awesome role-playing game Stardew Valley, published by Chucklefish. You made the decision to return home to work and establish your own farm since you were tired and dissatisfied with city life. Although the plot of Graveyard Keeper differs from that of Stardew Valley, the gameplay is otherwise the same. Controlling Graveyard Keeper is also quite easy. You can move the character to your preference by pressing the button on the left side of the screen. The buttons to interact with the NPCs and game items will be on the right. You won’t waste any time getting familiar with and playing the game as quickly and easily as you can. And once you enter the game, the system will guide you through everything. So don’t worry since if you haven’t played any such game yet.

Build your career in another world

You are moved to a another planet and given a new position. You are the one who will assist Garry in doing it. You can explore a variety of intriguing mysteries and activities in the game. You will be able to experience a wide range of new emotional states after the event. The character’s love tale or the ominous, frightful area in the cemetery. In Graveyard Keeper alone. There are several mysteries in the game that you can explore. No tombs have been discovered. As a result, the spirits have not yet been freed; it is your responsibility to locate and create a gravestone for them. The body could belong to a ruler of an undiscovered dynasty. There is a task structure in the game as well, allowing for roleplay. Additionally, there are numerous uncommon materials available for you to gather, sell, or use to make new things through outsourcing. The game also includes other thrilling activities. There are many intriguing activities you can do, such as gardening, growing your own food, and going fishing. The most crucial element, in particular, is that you balance your character’s health and get enough rest and food.


Graveyard Keeper’s visuals are comparable to those of Stardew Valley. It isn’t as stunning and extravagant as other games. but I won’t let you down in the least. You can play for hours on end without growing tired of the gameplay or the storyline. Even if the game’s graphics make up a little portion of it, users still find the plot to be very compelling.
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Graveyard Keeper is an excellent role-playing game overall. It elicits a wide range of feelings in you. This is a love story as well as a tale of someone who wishes to start their own business. Come play with us and contribute your own tale!

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