Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto III

Rockstar Games

Overview Information

Name Grand Theft Auto III
Updated On
Package com.rockstar.gta3
Publisher Rockstar Games
Category Action, RPG
Version 1.8
Size 13M
Requires Android 7.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
StorylineClaude gets betrayed by his buddy and his girlfriend Catalina after carrying out a bank robbery. He was shot, and they made off with an unnamed Colombian mafia. Although Claude live...
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Claude gets betrayed by his buddy and his girlfriend Catalina after carrying out a bank robbery. He was shot, and they made off with an unnamed Colombian mafia. Although Claude lived, he was detained and given a 10-year prison term. The convoy that was transporting Claude and other detainees to a federal jail came under attack. He encounters other gangs, notably 8-Ball, after unintentionally being free. He gave him a tour of Leone’s Mafia clan. He took part in this family’s mafia battle, which involved gang warfare against the Colombian Mafia. Claude is also seeking retribution against those who deceived him, especially his ex-girlfriend Catalina.


Grand Theft Auto III’s gameplay essentially combines aspects of action, role-playing, shooting, and adventure. You will begin with nothing and take on the tycoons’ responsibilities as you begin your criminal career. You can take part in activities like selling drugs, trading captives, hunting for influential people, or even assassinating rival gangs. You will be transferring a lengthy tale amongst criminal gangs throughout the operation. Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale are two of the three Portland counties that make up Liberty City. When you finish the given chores, the remaining two counties are opened one at a time, beginning in Portland. You can go anywhere and do whatever you want in the game’s open universe. It’s yours, this city. Wander the city, rob fancy supercars, and assault bystanders as you like. When you do something criminal, the FBI and the police will show up. Runaway and remain hidden from officers until the warrant for your arrest is lifted. You might also enjoy GTA: Chinatown Wars and GTA: San Andreas.

Intuitive control system

Grand Theft Auto III has an extremely user-friendly and straightforward control scheme. For Android devices, the gamepad with keyboard support has been enhanced so that you can manipulate quickly and effortlessly. You can switch to a third view or the cabin while you’re driving in this game. By doing so, you can engage in ferocious street racing while eluding your adversaries.


Weapons are crucial in Grand Theft Auto III because the world is filled with deadly gang wars. Guns, melee weapons, and explosives are the three basic categories of weaponry that can be utilized. There are several different kinds of weapons available, including the Micro Uzi, M16, sniper rifles, and even flamethrowers. Weapons can be obtained from dead foes, local stores, or the street.

3D graphics

A high-quality game with stunning 3D visuals is Grand Theft Auto III. High-definition photos that are clear (1080p). The game has been tailored for mobile devices using contemporary graphics technology. Characters and car designs have been changed from the PC version. You will get the chance to visit and tour the enormous, majestic city of Liberty while playing this game. You should utilize a phone with a high enough configuration to play the game as smoothly as possible if you want high-end visuals. You can also try other applications like Dead Target, Extreme Car Driving Simulator, and Homescapes.


Grand Theft Auto III was a fantastic game in earlier iterations in terms of aesthetics, gameplay, and plot. Take part in the conflict between the gangs and live like a real criminal. GTA 3’s age restriction stems from the game’s content, which features elements of violence, drug use, and many other things.

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