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Name GPS Emulator
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Package com.rosteam.gpsemulator
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Version 2.23
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Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
Introduce about GPS EmulatorWith this app, you can send your phone anywhere in the world!When is there a need to fake GPS?Installing GPS on your smartphone is the simplest and mos...
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Introduce about GPS Emulator

With this app, you can send your phone anywhere in the world!

When is there a need to fake GPS?

Installing GPS on your smartphone is the simplest and most direct technique of locating someone. Because an increasing number of applications demand a precise position to begin using, GPS is now much more important than before. Express delivery, transportation, and internet purchasing are all examples of this type of service.
However, GPS isn’t perfect all of the time. You will need to “pretend” to be somewhere other than where you belong in many situations.
The main and most crucial reason is to be able to access, log in to, and download geo-restricted websites, apps, or mobile games. The GPS used by these websites, applications, and games is country-specific. You’ll need phony GPS location apps on your phone to use these apps.
These programs will allow you to change your current location in order to enter and function on the websites listed above under a false identity.
The next reason is to jailbreak the operating system, which is less popular but not impossible. When you use a phony GPS app, your phone will believe you are at a specific location when you aren’t. As a result, privacy and security will be better protected.
GPS Emulator is one of the most popular and well-respected GPS spoofing programs on the market today.

What is GPS Emulator?

GPS Emulator is a free program that allows you to modify your location using the GPS system. To summarize, this program will assist you in creating a fictitious GPS for the purposes stated above.
You can “travel” to any location on Earth with GPS Emulator. It will assist you in creating a fictitious GPS position so that every website, app, and mobile game thinks you’re there (even if you aren’t).

Strengths of GPS Emulator

GPS Emulator separates apart from other apps with the same GPS spoofing feature for three reasons:

  • The GPS Emulator’s interface features only a few basic function buttons, making it quick and easy to use and control. When using the program, you don’t have to think, consider, or be concerned. Almost everyone can access and use these vibrant visual designs for the very first time.
  • Changes you can make: You can alter your position and altitude specifically using GPS Emulator. It’s even feasible to change the precision and obtain the current time at the mock place. Since then, the trustworthiness and validity of this fictitious location in geo-restricted apps and websites has grown.
  • Normal, satellite, and terrain maps are the three varieties accessible. For Google Play Location Services, the ability to insert phony GPS coordinates can be enabled or disabled.

The purpose of GPS Emulator is to create fictitious locations so that users can access websites, apps, and games that require them to be in a specific area. GPS Emulator, on the other hand, is not intended to be used to cheat in games; it is exclusively for personal use and not for commercial gain.

You can also try other applications like Stellio, Mojo, and Speechify.

MOD APK version of GPS Emulator

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

Download GPS Emulator APK & MOD for Android

GPS Emulator has become one of the most popular GPS dummy apps on Google Play, thanks to its rapid operation, repute, and convenience of use, to name a few perks. When the aforementioned fake GPS is required, you should install GPS Emulator. The program is free, takes up no space, is secure, and provides trustworthy fake locations for most websites, making it always handy in any situation.

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