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Name Google Find My Device
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Version 2.4.065
Size 4M
Requires Android 4.1
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Introduce about Google Find My DeviceLocate and lock your missing Android device until you recover it.When do you need Google Find My Device?How many times have you held yourse...
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Introduce about Google Find My Device

Locate and lock your missing Android device until you recover it.

When do you need Google Find My Device?

How many times have you held yourself responsible for misplacing your phone or tablet? If you lose it at home, it’s not a big deal; however, if you lose it at work, in a public area, or can’t recall where you misplaced it, it’s a major issue. Will someone unintentionally steal and view all of your internal data? What if someone wants to use the photographs and videos on your device for their own purposes? The true concern at this point is considerably more serious than the fact that you’ve misplaced it. All of the foregoing threats can be avoided and limited with the help of Google Find My Device. Google Find My Device is a Google tool that helps people secure their phones. In a word, this is a location app that allows you to always know your device’s current location in any situation and at any time.

What to keep in mind when using Google Find My Device?

You may easily download Google Find My Device and start using it right away, but there are a few things to keep in mind about the system and other conditions:

  • The device to install Google Find My Device needs to be Android 2.2 or above
  • The device must have GPS activated or be linked to Wifi or mobile data at all times.
  • All of your devices have signed up for a Google account and are logged in.
  • Google Find My Device must be installed and activated on any devices that want to be visible.

What can you do with Google Find My Device in particular to find and safeguard the device?

Locate your devices

When all devices that need to be controlled have Google Find My Device pre-installed, simply turn on the app and a map similar to Google Map will show. It keeps track of each device’s name and current position. Users may quickly locate their misplaced smartphone by reading the distance and looking at nearby landmarks to determine the location displayed on the map. The data on this map are quite clear, detailed, and precise; you may test its correctness after installing it on a couple of devices.

Alarm with sound so that your device can make noise

Many times, a misplaced phone somewhere in the house is enough to irritate you, especially if you have an urgent need to contact someone. At that time, I really want my phone had a “mouth” to shout “I’m here”. Have you ever wished for something like that? Install Google Find My Device now, and even if your device is set to silent mode, this software will make it sound loud. The noise is quite loud and lasts for around 5 minutes. When you find your phone, tap the Silence Ringing button on the screen to stop the frantic ringing, or just press the power button to shut down and restart it.

Remote screen lock feature

This is connected to the “hazardous” condition I stated earlier: when the device is lost in the street, when you can’t get to it quickly and it risks getting into the wrong hands. The remote screen lock feature will come into action at this point, and it will have a significant impact. Google Find My Device will add a password layer to make it more difficult for anyone with nefarious intent to gain access to your missing phone. Simply enable the lock and then delete it if it is no longer required. Simple, yet really effective.

You can also try other applications like ToonMe, Dumpster, and Wynk Music.

Remote data erase feature

If it’s certain that the device has fallen into the hands of a stranger, and you try to contact them, they refuse to return it, it’s time to call the cops. Then now is the time to make use of this feature. You can remotely wipe all of the contents of your lost device using the app’s Remote Erase feature. Only in this way will sensitive information, photographs, videos, and private connections remain private and not fall prey to nefarious intent. In addition, Google Find My Device can also let you examine the battery state, see the hardware details of each device that is connected through the program. It’s also quite useful for checking the status of adjacent gadgets.

Download Google Find My Device APK for Android

Of course, even with the aforementioned four primary features, Google Find My Device is not totally secure, as there is still the possibility of a skilled hacker attempting to obtain your information. Even if the gadget is misplaced in the house or falls into the hands of a low-tech novice, you still have a chance of saving everything, finding, or erasing crucial data.

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