Apps Google Account Manager

Google Account Manager

App Name Google Account Manager
Publisher Google LLC
Genre Apps
Size 6.24MB
Latest Version 7.1.2
Update September 18, 2021

More than 80% of the world’s population makes use of the internet for one thing or the other. Also, over half of this number access the internet from their mobile devices. Today, you’d find so many people accessing the internet through tablets and smartphones.

It is worth mentioning that over 80% of mobile devices use Android OS. Also, Google Account is a requirement to use these devices. It is important to note that you do not have to use an Android device to enjoy Google Services. These services include YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail, and more.

Are you using any Google service? Then you should download the Google Account Manager app on your device. This app will help place all your account in a single place. You can use this app to manage all your accounts irrespective of the number of accounts you have.

Are you looking for the best way to manage your account on your Android device? The Google Account Manager is what you should install. There are some mobile devices that already have the app pre-installed on them. However, using the latest version will make you get the best experience. Therefore, it is important that you update the pre-installed version.

Google Account Manager can be readily downloaded from Google Play Store.

Amazing Features
Here are some of the of this app:

Effective Account Management
Managing and checking different Google accounts can be time-consuming. However, with Google Account Manager, you can easily do this. The app will help you to view and edit everything related to your Google account.

You can see permissions, account information, apps information, account activity and many more with this app.

Account Security
Security is an important thing for Google accounts. You’d be asked to fill in verification codes from time to time if you use Google accounts. However, the app will help you with this type of situation. You can use the two-step authentication to improve the security of your account.

Easy to use
Google Account Manager is easy to use. Adding and removing accounts can be done with a few clicks. The app will help you sort everything, and you can also enjoy account synchronization with the app.

Google Accounts Manager Apk – Latest version
Since the app comes pre-installed on most devices, you can download the latest version from third-party websites. The latest version is better optimized for effective performance

Download the latest version of Google Accounts Manager to manage all your google accounts. The app is safe and easy to use.