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About Golf BlitzGolf is no longer a weird sport for you after playing this game. Golf Blitz, on the other hand, transports you to a uniq...
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About Golf Blitz

Golf is no longer a weird sport for you after playing this game. Golf Blitz, on the other hand, transports you to a unique and bizarre golf field where you must demonstrate your innovative golf talents. In the last post, I introduced you to Golf Clash, a golf game. But I’m sure you’ve never seen or played a golf game as thrilling as Golf Blitz. Try it and see for yourself that I’m not lying!

“New style” golf

Now I’ll talk about “unusual and bizarre” aspects of Golf Blitz gameplay. Despite the fact that the regulations remain the same as in traditional golf. However, what distinguishes this game is its variety of innovative and hard golf courses. You are no longer tested on a grassy flat golf course; instead, you are challenged in a golf field with structures that resemble mazes. There are several methods to get the ball to the hole, depending on the player’s strategy. It is possible to say that with Golf Blitz, the possibilities are limitless.

When you play golf on a variety of maps, you will have a variety of exciting experiences. Over 50 maps, including woods, rocky mountains, volcanoes, underground, and even outer space. There are several levels of play and unique challenges for you to explore and conquer. But defeating them is not easy. First, you must understand the standard physical principles. Creativity and persistence are required. The more you play, the more you will grasp the game’s principles and discover several methods for getting the ball to the hole as rapidly as possible.

Become the best golfer

We always want to be the winner in any game. Everyone knows that in golf, the goal is to put the ball in the hole with the fewest strokes possible. This game, on the other hand, includes three participants. They are also skilled golfers, so you must use the proper strategies. When you beat other players, you will get gold coins or honorary medals. Don’t pass it up!

Winning Golf Blitz, on the other hand, is not easy. As previously said, getting the ball to the hole is quite tough, especially when you’re up against two powerful opponents. As a result, the game includes three tools to assist players in tough circumstances. Sniper Ball allows you to strike the ball with pinpoint accuracy, while Super Ball allows you to make powerful and far-reaching shots. Furthermore, there are several things to assist you in this game.


Aside from the support items that must be obtained and improved, players may purchase additional things and other modifications. You may unlock over 70 distinct appearances to customise your golfer’s appearance. Golf hats come in a variety of styles, including cap, animal print, and so on. You may unlock them with money or jewels, but you must first attain the requisite level.

Play with friends

What could be more exciting than defeating your pals in game? 
Golf Blitz is fantastic interactive element that allows you to play games with pals in online mode. 
Players have two choices here: form new groups or join existing ones. 
This feature enables you to communicate and compete with large number of other online gamers. 
You may also compete with your friends by getting to the top of the leaderboards.


In terms of visuals, Golf Blitz has gorgeous and bright 3D graphics. 
Despite the fact that the character image is extremely simple and optimised, the publisher tries to provide you with variety of maps. 
This diversifies your experience, eliminating monotony from playing on single map.

Download Golf Blitz APK for Android

Overall, Golf Blitz is game that is enjoyable, uncomplicated, and simple to play. It is, nevertheless, not simple to master and win. Anyway, with so many unique and exciting elements, particularly when playing with others, Golf Blitz was enough for me to include it on my list of games worth playing. 
So don’t miss out on the delights of this “new type” golf game!

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