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Name Golf Battle
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Package games.onebutton.golfbattle
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Version 1.25.11
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Requires Android 5.1
MOD Features Auto Reach Hole
Introduce about Golf BattleThe most thrilling struggle in a multiplayer game of mini golf!Playing Golf is not leisurely in Golf BattleOnline sports game ...
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Introduce about Golf Battle

The most thrilling struggle in a multiplayer game of mini golf!

Playing Golf is not leisurely in Golf Battle

Online sports game Golf Battle has golf as its topic, which may be a touchy subject. There are also a lot of games with the same theme, but some of them emphasize 3D effects to replicate real life, even for the characters who are actually well-known golfers, which not everyone finds amusing. Regarding Golf Battle, I believe it is a game that strikes a balance between the two aforementioned categories. It provides a wide range of extremely technical experiences that satisfy the demands of real golf. The battle quality on every mile, contending continuously on dozens of challenging difficulties, makes it rather dramatic. And because the game’s scenario and the character development are done in the manner of vivid, realistic 3D animation, it is both kind and not overly stressful.


Your main objective is to out-distance other golfers on several courses with varied topography and beautiful views. Typically, a simple round of golf is very monotonous. The manufacturer has created a number of maps with various features on the two main game modes, PvP or multiplayer mode, which can accommodate up to six players, so that players will always feel stimulated and never lose their desire. There are two additional game modes to choose from: Classic and Rush. The classic mode is the one with the classic game play. Your goal is to hit the ball into the hole; the less times you miss, the quicker you succeed. In order to succeed in Rush mode’s sequence of quick-fire performances, you must get the ball into the hole within a set period of time. The “deadly” aspect of this opulent game, however, does not lie in the manipulation or the fundamental strategy. The standing point and the hole in this game will be further apart at the end of each round. But in between them, there will be things that block the ball, obstruct the player’s vision, and cast shadows around the golf hole. This implies that in order to put the ball into the hole in such a challenging circumstance, you will need to employ all of your abilities, previous round experience, as well as the tactics you learned during the game tutorial. Avoid making Penalty fouls during the game, such as throwing the ball into the water, flying out of the stream, or waiting too long to receive overtime when playing in Rush mode. You’re not strolling around like the aristocracy playing golf in the movies, keep that in mind at all times. It’s a true war when you play Golf Battle since you’ll be up against other players all the time, competing for small victories in areas like technique, time, and scoring. The key for beginner players is to concentrate on mastering the proper force application, just as you would when playing in real life. You will be able to manage the height and distance of the ball once you fully understand and master the range and power output of each shot. Even the upcoming hit is foreseeable. You will overcome your fear of challenges by doing this. Using your earnings to upgrade your clubs is another strategy to raise the caliber of your shots. You can assess your hitting force and execute your tee shot more skillfully and neatly with the aid of a decent club. When you reach the challenging level, the Golf Battle keeps “giving” you unfavorable sandpits. If you wish to win in Rush mode, you are only allowed a specific amount of brief, ineffective shots, and you must return the ball to the grass. You must also learn how to use full speed, incredibly powerful hits to escape the sandpit in Classic mode. Sandpits are both a unique feature of this game and a challenging obstacle that causes players to lose time, take more hits than they should, and get into unforeseen circumstances.

Simple but not easy

You will have the chance to become familiar with all golfing techniques, from basic to advanced, while playing the game, including the proper stance, alignment, reflexes, how to judge and aim the distance from the ball to the hole, how to use force to strike the hole, the proper swings, and how to use force to control the rolling force of the ball. Once you’ve mastered it, you may challenge other players online or participate in in-game competitions while asking your Facebook friends to play. Every victory in any game style will net players a sizable sum of money, enabling them to access numerous intriguing features and products. Although everything does not start out well, it is still incredibly exciting. The game’s controls require some getting used to. Drag and drop are the only simple operations needed to align the ball’s route. But you need to make a lot of adjustments for the desired outcome. Players must constantly practice and acquire the aforementioned golf techniques to become proficient and understand the game.

Graphics and perspective

In Golf Battle, every feature, progression, and image is created using premium 3D graphics. High-end golf courses sometimes have stunning scenery as their backdrop, such as an expansive green meadow, a windy valley, or a field of storks soaring straight. I feel aristocratic just just gazing at it. The game contains a feature that enables altering the viewing angle in addition to gorgeous images and interesting settings. Before making a shot, your vision is fully under your control. This increases player comfort while playing and minimizes incorrect phases (which players will blame the error of blinding the vision of obstacles).

MOD APK version of Golf Battle

MOD feature

Self-Reaching Hole


MENU MOD has numbers from 1 to 10 that represent the amount of shots required to reach the hole.

  • The MOD feature is disabled when you choose 0.
  • If you select option 1, the ball will automatically fall into the hole in one shot (not recommended, very easy to get banned).
  • Select a range of 2 to 10 for safety.
  • The MOD feature is disabled when you choose 0.
  • If you select option 1, the ball will automatically fall into the hole in one shot (not recommended, very easy to get banned).
  • Select a range of 2 to 10 for safety.

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Download Golf Battle APK & MOD for Android

In summary, Golf Battle will always challenge you with numerous competitions, whether you want to play in Rush mode or Classic style. Numerous obstacles and challenges are waiting for you. Let’s download and engage in a Golf Battle with your buddies!

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