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Name Gold and Goblins
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Package com.redcell.goldandgoblins
Publisher Appquantum
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Version 1.18.2
Size 71M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features One Hit
Introduce about Gold and GoblinsA world of idle miner games awaits you!Relaxing but very attractive gameMost people use their free time to relax by playing video games. However, i...
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Introduce about Gold and Goblins

A world of idle miner games awaits you!

Relaxing but very attractive game

Most people use their free time to relax by playing video games. However, if the game is a stress game, it actually adds to their fatigue. Still, it’s preferable to play something slow and simple so that you can enjoy yourself while not having to think too much and come away from the game with good vibes. I immediately downloaded this Gold and Goblins game while waiting for the meeting time this afternoon while sitting at the workplace. I enjoyed playing it for a while, but even after I got home, I want to play with it once more. There hasn’t been any fighting like this in a “dungeon” game I’ve seen in a very long time. A fantastic example of combining idle games and merging games is Gold and Goblins. Either of these two game genres is nothing new when taken separately. However, we play not just one, but two different game genres simultaneously in this game, which makes the experience rather thrilling.

Gold Mining Quest and Unity Strength

Most of these little soothing games take the same method, allowing you to start playing as soon as you open it. The same holds true with Goblins and Gold. Whatever their motivation, these goblins started working as miners to find gold. Simply walk in and launch the game. Your goal in this game is really straightforward. Coordination of a goblin squad to enter the gold mines is obvious from the name alone. To assist the Goblins in reclaiming their world, dig as much as you can. And you have to keep merging the goblins if you want to dig up a lot of gold and find a lot of riches buried deep underground. The latter has a superior, quicker exploit and grows stronger than the former. No matter what kind of goblins you have, their only activity is searching for gold. Another instance of infinite laziness suitable for one-handed play is the “digging” action. The goblin has already finished mining if you simply touch a screen that contains a gold coin or a brand that is considered to be valuable. The Goblin gets richer the more gold there is. Additionally, the hunt to find hidden treasures is unending. There will be a number of new mines and wells opened. The game features a total of 60 mines. You’ll explore magical and amazing caves with your squad of lovely and odd green miners. By mining as many items as possible, the objective is to become as wealthy as feasible. Only then will the goblin miners have the resources and money necessary to one day rebuild their prosperous world. You need to check the mines, prioritize removing the most valuable rocks and minerals first, and then take care of the remaining mine. Once you have enough money, you can upgrade some extra items for yourself before merging. Forklifts may be upgraded, and new goblin subspecies can be unlocked as well as new mining holes. Vehicles will make mining go more quickly. The quest to Unification will be both amazing and surprisingly successful because it will open up new varieties of elves. The result is far more advanced and superior varieties than the original kinds when several new species are crossed. Do not overlook the Events, which are frequently in the form of smaller challenges within a set time limit, such as the Gold Digging Competition with other high-level magical creatures, the Volcano Eruption event, Ice and Candy Frenzy, in addition to the main challenge of searching for gold and hidden treasures. If you take part in these competitions and succeed, you will gain a variety of magnificent gifts.

The game is quite busy but you still have a way to take it easy

Since Gold and Goblins is still a purely passive game. As a result, you can play with one hand since there are not many operations needed. You can even acquire gold while offline if you get used to it. In other words, even while you’re not online, the miners’ work keeps going until you log back in and decide to unlock new mining or new goblin breeds to make new miners for the mining process. Losing is not emphasized by Gold and Goblins. Additionally, there are no adversaries or challenging obligations. You simply start playing and take pleasure in the exhilaration of creating uncommon fusions and in seeing Goblins develop into stronger, more affluent beings.

Graphics and sound

Gold and Goblins uses stunning simulation visuals in a 3D approach, yet the overall experience is very 2D. Every aspect, no matter how minor, will benefit from the versatility that 3D designs will provide to every action. However, excessive use of 3D will make it difficult for the user to focus. The merge displays will thereafter be utterly rendered useless. This flaw has been eliminated in part by the top-down viewing perspective and the use of the vertical screen, making the game “healer” and more approachable for players. It has the appearance of a small 2D game. Players never look around the scene; instead, they concentrate on the merge tasks.

MOD APK version of Gold and Goblins

MOD feature

1 Hit
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Download Gold and Goblins APK & MOD for Android

Gold and Goblins have a fantastic sound. When recording particular details about the impacts of gathering gold coins, merging goblins, and when new goblins arise, it is fairly meticulous.

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