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 Introduce about GFX ToolThe program for adjusting the frame rate and visual quality of mobile games.Why need to adjust the game graphics quality?Have you ever experienc...
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Introduce about GFX Tool

The program for adjusting the frame rate and visual quality of mobile games.

Why need to adjust the game graphics quality?

Have you ever experienced latency on your phone when playing a demanding game like PUBG? The most common explanation is that your smartphone’s configuration does not satisfy the game’s basic requirements for a smooth experience. When playing online games on mobile devices such as phones or tablets, the graphics and FPS quality must be carefully considered. They not only control much of the gaming experience, but also whether or not the device can handle the game. The smoother and more attractive the graphics and movement in the game, the higher these two values are. However, in order to obtain it, the device must be sufficiently powerful and high-end. To help consumers, game creators have made it possible for players to adjust the game’s visual quality to match their device. However, these modifications are simple, limited, and not always available for all smartphones. As a result, a versatile, efficient, and comprehensive customization tool, such as the GFX Tool, will be required to play the game more smoothly.

What is GFX Tool?

GFX Tool is a program that allows you to change the graphics quality and frame rate of online mobile games. You have more metrics, and the graphics quality options are more varied, with a wider range to configure to match your smartphone’s capabilities, reducing lag when playing games. GFX Tool offers some more capabilities that are very useful for any mobile online gaming enthusiast, in addition to the main feature listed above.

Customize graphic quality

You can immediately examine the major settings needed to alter the quality of graphics and images displayed from the main interface of GFX Tool, allowing the game to better suit the device you’re using. These changes are simple; simply move your finger back and forth to modify the level until it reaches the desired level. They contain the following information: “Resolution” refers to the size of the image in the game. You should search up the phone model’s information to find out what the current screen resolution is. Then re-select this level to match the screen resolution, preferably lower than/up to equal. If the latency persists, return to this page and tweak it a little more. “Adjust the graphical quality level of the game” The beauty of every image displayed in the game will be determined by this parameter. There are seven levels ranging from low to high (from So Smooth to HDR). The game will be assured to be smooth at So Smooth. The image will be as detailed and crisp as possible at HDR level. Adjust the amount of frames per second (FPS). The smoother the movement, the higher this stat. The higher it is, the more a nice screen and a powerful device are required. You should also look at the maximum FPS that the mobile device can support. Anti-aliasing “Adjust the anti-aliasing ability in images. The game’s visual will be more appealing, especially when moving quickly. If your phone isn’t powerful enough, select Disable; otherwise, select x2 or x4 if your phone is powerful enough. There are three levels of rendering quality to choose from: low, medium, and high. Rendering will determine if three-dimensional visuals are depicted accurately. Of course, if the gadget isn’t powerful enough, you should choose Low or Medium, as with the other parameters. In the game, there is a shadow effect on 3D graphics. The image will appear more realistic and appealing with the addition of darkness. If your device is poor, you can disable this feature, which will reduce the game’s effect but allow it to run faster. the quality of the effect Any online game would be incomplete without effects. This option allows you to alter the quality of light, smoke, bomb fire, and other effects. The higher the quality and sharpness, the more beautiful and majestic it is, but it necessitates more powerful equipment. Format in Color You have the option of 32bit or 64bit. The higher the level, the more detailed and varied the image and the more detailed and varied the colors. Even the tiniest details of the game are vibrant. Of course, a powerful device is required. Graphics with greater detail

  • Distance between shadows
  • When characters and vehicles are moving, moving shadows are displayed.
  • Texture Quality: The level of detail in the game’s cars, scenes, and objects…
  • Objects When viewed from a distance, LOD Distance adjusts the shadows of buildings, structures, mountain ranges, and so forth.
  • Foliage LOD Distance: Affects the display quality of trees, shrubs, grass, and other plants.
  • Effects of Light
  • With three settings, the Graphics API reduces GPU burden. Vulkan, OpenGL2.0, 3.1
  • GPU Optimization: Improves the performance of the graphics processor. You will push the device process to the smallest details if you enable this capability.
  • Aesthetic Appeal

After you’ve made all of your selections, click Save. If there is still lag when playing, go back and alter the related values to make them more suited.

Adjust guns’ sights for online shooters

With a shooting-focused online game like PUBG Mobile, GFX Tool also enables displaying different aiming positions, which helps to improve accuracy while firing at the enemy. In the available application options/ position, there are detailed parameters to alter this part, such as color, size, opacity, and style…

MOD APK version of GFX Tool

MOD feature

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Download GFX Tool APK & MOD for Android

GFX Tool will be a terrific assistant to provide you a lag-free online game experience on mobile, with the main benefit of optimizing game configuration through a series of indicators.

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