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Name Gardenscapes
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Package com.playrix.gardenscapes
Publisher Playrix
Category Games
Version 6.2.0
Size 139M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Stars
Introducing GardenscapesPeople frequently desire to live in harmony with nature when they are exhausted. Everybody is identical. When faced with the stress of life, individuals always turn t...
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Introducing Gardenscapes

People frequently desire to live in harmony with nature when they are exhausted. Everybody is identical. When faced with the stress of life, individuals always turn to the outback, farmhouses, and lush green gardens as their first resort. Everyone wants to enjoy the fresh air and take care of the plants themselves. and myself. Since I can’t move very far under pressure, I typically decide for myself to take care of a virtual garden using mobile apps. These games assist me in decompressing, enjoying life, and getting rid of my own exhaustion. There are games that are destined to become renowned (for a few weeks or months, perhaps), and there are games destined to endure. Popular games frequently help us remember things, but we frequently pick robust games for our particular needs. Gardenscapes (MOD Unlimited Coins) is a particularly tenacious and active game when it comes to gardening games in this case. I’ve been playing this game for a long, but recently I felt a little emotionally trapped. I opened the game while sitting down to ease a headache, which caused the old emotions to come back, and now I dare to sit and start typing.

Begining story

Your neighborhood is a big city with congested streets and constant traffic. You begin having dreams about clearing a big area outside your small window and growing trees there. That is, until you one day get a letter from Mr. Austin, the family’s housekeeper, your uncle’s nephew. He’s been away for a while, and his country home includes a sizable garden that’s been abandoned for a while. Your uncle sent you an offer to take care of his garden because he knew you loved to plant. So you look after it. But he also took a long break, and since no one cared about the garden, it eventually became damaged. You might have to start again from scratch. However, Mr. Austin will assist you, so don’t worry.

Combined gardening and match-3 gameplay

The gameplay of this game will be familiar to you if you’ve played Homescape, another title from Playrix Games. Your task is to solve the match-3 puzzles as a boy who loves farming and gardening in order to gather coins and stars. The two most crucial units you need to acquire while completing missions are coins and stars, which are tools you may use to repair and redecorate the garden. Every day, you will be given a different set of tasks to complete in order to build and improve the garden because the game is set up as a story. The garden is wrecked when you first get there, so you’ll have to clean it up and put the bench there so that everyone can sit and unwind. Then, add more trees and more eye-catching garden décor.

Cute graphics

Gardenscapes follows the design tenet of Playrix Games, which aims to make everything adorable and realistic. The game’s 3D design ensures that every image is extremely realistic. The game also makes every element adorable and cheery, making it appropriate for relaxation. You might see the little dog running around in the garden or the tiny butterflies buzzing among the flowers. Austin’s housekeeper’s gesture is also quite genuine and humorous.

A long game

Gardenscapes is a very lengthy game to play because it has more than 200 difficult sceneries. Gardenscapes is constantly new and enduring because of the upgrades, which also introduce new game modes. The most expensive game things are usually worth noting if there is anything about the game that needs to be discussed. For me, pricing a set is incredibly unprofitable. For instance, a set of three shovels costs 1,900 coins, but you lose 900 coins for every further step. However, you only receive 50–70 cents for each level. To obtain 5 extra moves at the conclusion of a level, you must complete 12 new levels of play.

MOD APK version of Gardenscapes

MOD Feature

Please download and utilize the MOD version if you feel the game to be too challenging and would prefer it to be simpler. You will have infinite stars in the game if you use the MOD version, allowing you to pleasantly adorn the garden. In particular, even if the amount of stars is negative, you can utilize them to rebuild your mansion. You can also try other applications like SAKURA School Simulator, The Walking Zombie 2, and BEYBLADE BURST.

Download Gardenscapes MOD APK (Unlimited Stars)

In essence, I think it’s difficult to gain money, but this also encourages players to save more than they do. Additionally, the fact that players must constantly chase a target makes the game more alluring. Personally, I give Gardenscapes a 9 out of 10. (both gameplay, story, and graphics).

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