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Name Gangs Town Story
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Publisher Avega Games
Category Action
Version 0.17.6b
Size 951M
Requires Android 7.0
MOD Features Free Purchase
Introduce about Gangs Town StoryGTA is unquestionably one of the greatest action open-world games ever made. Players benefit from an open environment where any rule can be broken. There were...
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Introduce about Gangs Town Story

GTA is unquestionably one of the greatest action open-world games ever made. Players benefit from an open environment where any rule can be broken. There were several games at the time that copied the gameplay, and the design was also somewhat successful. One of them is Gangs Town Story.


The protagonist of Gangs Town Story is a black man. He resides in a slum in Big City with his family. And this region is well renowned for being one of the busiest crime hotspots. The boy’s family unintentionally got caught up in and victimized a fight against prejudice. The boy grew up alone and without love. He wants to get even for his family.

Become whoever you want

The primary character of Gangs Town Story will be you. You can assist him in getting back at those who killed his family; all he wants to do is exact retribution. The absence of regulations in Big City. Despite being always present, the government and the police do not address the issues that people are facing. You can put an end to the underhanded dealings of the underground gangs, assist the girl who is being bullied by the other criminals, or serve as Big City justice. If you don’t want to accomplish that, you can set your sights on a more aggressive objective such as ruling all the gangs in the city like a mafia boss. Although not a bad concept, this is really hazardous. You’ll constantly be followed by the mob. They could appear out of nowhere. You truly possess the traits of a leader, if you have the means to do it. You shouldn’t miss out on the thrilling open world game Auto Theft Gangsters either!

Always be careful

The difficulty increases with the size of the dream. It takes a long time to rise to the position of Big City’s top mafia boss. You’ll have to contend with gangsters in addition to the police’s constant surveillance and overwhelming presence. You can view your crime level in the top left corner. Four stars stand in for it. Level 1 indicates that you are receiving a warning. From level three onward, you run the chance of being sought after and encountering a sizable military force, including helicopters. Avoiding crowds and engaging in combat with commoners are two suggestions for lowering crime. Under the abandoned subway station or the pedestrian underground, you can engage in combat with thugs. That won’t have an impact on everyone nearby.


You may combat gangs and thugs with the use of a variety of weapons in Gangs Town Story. It is important to mention the gun system first. You can go to the store, which sells the majority of weapons, including mortars, bombs, saws, automatic and semi-automatic machine guns, and handguns, rifles. Naturally, using stronger weapons will result in larger-scale wars and higher levels of criminality. However, you can unleash devastating and destroying the evil guys once you make the decision that you no longer wish to function under someone’s control. Additionally, you can attempt to destroy the game’s sole tank. It’s a lot of fun to drive a tank around the city and attack police stations and gang hangouts.

Stealing super cars on the street

Due to the enemy’s overwhelming strength, it is possible to become lost while battling. When that happens, you should search for a specific car on the side of the road and even rob people to get away. Even the cops will quickly pursue the adversaries. And in Big City, you’re taking part in a death race. I really enjoy this. I frequently rob a Lamborghini on the street if I’m bored, then I roam throughout the city and cause a string of mishaps. Despite the enormous consequences, crime reached its peak, forcing the police to pursue suspects nonstop. But it actually adds a lot of enjoyment.

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At first look, Gangs Town Story can seem to be a carbon duplicate of Grand Theft Auto. However, this is not the case in reality. This game has various features, including a mission system, weaponry, and upgrades. It also has a distinct plot. With the game’s distinctive and in-depth storyline, you gain more fresh experiences.

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