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Franco Kernel Manager

Francisco Franco

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Name Franco Kernel Manager
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Package com.franco.kernel
Publisher Francisco Franco
Category Apps
Version 6.1.13
Size 5M
Requires Android 6.0
MOD Features No
Introduce about Franco Kernel ManagerFranco Kernel Manager is now available on Google Play....
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Introduce about Franco Kernel Manager

Franco Kernel Manager is now available on Google Play. Despite the fact that it is a premium app, it has over 100,000 direct installs. That said, Franco Kernel Manager is extremely useful and required. We’ll take a look at what this app has to offer in this article.

What’s is Franco Kernel Manager?

Once again, I’d like to reaffirm that Franco Kernel Manager is an Android application for measuring and analyzing hardware and software parameters. Franco Kernel Manager, in particular, will have deep access to the device’s memory, fundamental processes, and threads. It will take measurements and generate statistics for you to review. Franco Kernel Manager need root rights to accomplish this, despite the fact that the app makes no changes or additions to the original files. Franco Kernel Manager comes with a lot of features and management. The CPU clock, uptime, ZRAM, GPU, BUS, Battery, Wakelocks, and cores can all be viewed as statistics. Each type’s parameters are promptly obtained and statistically analyzed. When compared to other device management tools, this is definitely Franco Kernel Manager’s strongest suit.

Manage and save battery power

A mobile device’s battery is one of its most important components. Longer battery life, longer battery lifespan, and fewer battery replacements due to swollen, unstable, or broken batteries are all benefits of battery conservation. Franco Kernel Manager can assist you in keeping a careful eye on your battery. The app specifically reveals which apps on the device are using the battery, which ones are consuming a lot of battery, and how much time each category is taking up. You’ll be able to turn off the applications and tasks that are operating in the background once you’ve identified them. When you open Franco Kernel Manager, it also contains a working time counter that displays the amount of battery utilized during that period. Based on the current battery power level, it will estimate the remaining usage.

Detailed control panel

Franco Kernel Manager has a control panel that displays the parameters of the device’s active hardware and software components. You can see the clock level of a CPU, for example, over time. Of course, the CPU cores have the same specifications. These are constantly monitored. Franco Kernel Manager can also deeply tamper with the operating system and hardware operation thanks to root privileges. You can interact directly with your device using the control panel, setting operation parameters. When playing a game, for example, set the maximum CPU clock speed and RAM consumption. It’s done swiftly and easily.

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Night Shift

Night Shift, in addition to the aforementioned advantages, is a unique feature that I want to highlight in this essay. The screen’s setting is Night Shift. According to the timetable you specified before, the screen will automatically turn yellow (the level can be chosen arbitrarily). The fact that blue light (the default light setting) is extremely detrimental to vision in the dark, and Night Shift will eliminate that blue light, making you feel softer while using it.

Download Franco Kernel Manager APK for Android

When Franco Kernel Manager was first released, it only supported a limited number of Kernels and devices. Franco Kernel Manager, on the other hand, is now compatible with the majority of devices and has significantly improved performance. Franco Kernel Manager can assist you in better managing your Android device. You’ll be able to see how the device functions, how much power it consumes, and how much battery life it has. Based on this, you’ll make the appropriate adjustments to increase the device’s longevity.

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