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Name Forgotton Anne
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Package com.hitcents.forgottonanne
Publisher Hitcents
Category Adventure
Version 1.4
Size 1G
Requires Android 7.0
MOD Features Unlocked All
Introduce about Forgotton AnneThe cinematic platformer genre has steadily risen to the top of gamers' trends in recent years. I can bring up Forgotton Anne, a game that draws in fans of this...
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Introduce about Forgotton Anne

The cinematic platformer genre has steadily risen to the top of gamers’ trends in recent years. I can bring up Forgotton Anne, a game that draws in fans of this subgenre with intriguing plots and captivating visuals. Even though ThroughLine Games released and developed this adventure action game in2018, it continues to draw a sizable audience.


The fairyland is where the narrative starts. Many things, both living and inanimate, are misplaced or forgotten in this world. They are known as Forgotlings, and they toil hard in this realm in the hopes that one day their owners would remember them and give them the opportunity to return to the world of humans. The goal of the game is for players to preserve order in the mythical realm of Forgotton Realm as the little girl Anne. Her goal is to put an end to a rebellion that would prevent her from returning to the human world together with her pals and her master, Bonku.


Forgotton Anne is a well-made game, similar to others in the genre, with gameplay that emphasizes the environment, riddles, and player’s decision of how to connect with other characters. Additionally, the game uses a small amount of interactive speech to advance the story. The players’ choice will directly effect some of the scenes that happen shortly after, but it won’t change the conclusion in the end. As a result, the player need not feel overly pressed to make a decision. This game has one drawback: It concentrates too much on narrative. As a result, the game makes an effort to reduce any effects that might have on this element. When engaging with other NPCs, players only have two options to choose from, which unintentionally limits their interaction. But in exchange, Forgotton Anne’s puzzle section is quite intriguing and presents difficulties to gamers. You will have to come up with creative solutions. Simply making a mistake will probably require a lot of time for you to recover from. You must be extra cautious and thoughtful because the game does not enable you to “reset” the puzzle to its initial state. Your voyage is not particularly challenging, but if you are not careful, it is also simple to become confused or disoriented when trying to find your way out. In certain cases, you may unintentionally skip a door that is right in front of you or take the incorrect step since the developer skillfully incorporated the roads and scenes into the overall scene. Control Anne’s movement, use the on-screen D-Pad buttons to solve puzzles, and communicate with NPCs. You can control Anne in this fashion to navigate different sections and run, jump, or soar while also unlocking new places. In addition, Sky: Children of the Light is a voyage that awaits your exploration.


Despite being an adventure game, Forgotton Anne has graphics that are very distinctive from those of other products. This game gives you the sense that you are getting lost in Studio Ghibli’s anime works with its recognizable colors and high level of detail thanks to its sophisticated 2D graphical mechanics and deep impression with hand-drawn images. Since Forgotton Anne also conveys a similar emotion about each character, about the location, and about image quality, comparing this game to a movie is not overly unfair. The smooth transitions, in particular, give the impression that you are viewing an anime.

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In spite of Hitcents’ small size and lack of staff, they put a lot of passion and effort into Forgotton Anne. Their efforts are evident in every video game frame and image. Of course, there are still some restrictions and flaws in the game. Although it still has a few minor design flaws, you can tell that the other aspects—including the music, graphics, storyline, movement, and voiceover—are excellent. The smaller pieces, especially the side stories, in particular, are infused with humanity (sometimes very sad).

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