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Name Food Fighter Clicker
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Package com.fffungame.foodclicker
Publisher Fffungame
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Version 1.3.5
Size 79M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Gems
Introduce about Food Fighter ClickerNo matter how enthusiastic you are about food, you must put a stop to it.Eating is happinessYou must have watched a well-known mukbang eating o...
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Introduce about Food Fighter Clicker

No matter how enthusiastic you are about food, you must put a stop to it.

Eating is happiness

You must have watched a well-known mukbang eating on YouTube if you want to understand why there is such a peculiar industry as mukbang in the globe. Your stomach will start to turn watching them consume food, taste each flavor, devour a bowl of noodles, and consume a massive candy bar. That is the intriguing aspect of eating for people. If you’re still having trouble understanding it, try imagining why someone wouldn’t put all the vitamins and nutrients they require each day into a single nutritional tablet and drink it. Why do individuals require food? Simply because eating does not only provide nourishment, but also allows one to experience the flavor and aroma of food, which awakens all the senses and makes one feel happy and content. Nothing beats savoring delectable and fulfilling meals after a long day of labor, right?

What is Food Fighter Clicker?

A very straightforward, user-friendly, and incredibly enjoyable simulation game is Food Fighter Clicker. Despite the fact that the game is about food, you are under no obligation to become a chef, own a restaurant, or even solve any food-related problems. You only have one option in Food Fighter Clicker: eat. Any skill or ability will get better with practice, just like a good eater would. Initially, one boiled egg is all it takes to make you feel as though you are going to become full. However, when you eat more, your stomach grows larger and your digestive system becomes more effective. Eventually, you will become accustomed to eating more food. You can eat an unexpected variety of things and your eating abilities will improve.


The real battle for survival will begin for you. You will live to eat and eat to have a lot of money, in contrast to the others around you who live to eat. Each level will begin with a variety of tasks, including simple to sophisticated dishes in varying quantities and sizes. You will gain more money and gems as you eat more. Using those two things, you may gradually improve your eating abilities by strengthening your bites, increasing the number of bites you take in a second, speeding up your chewing, getting a key bite, and expanding the size of your mouth and stomach. When upgrading skills and abilities, you should carefully examine which will help you the most in light of current problems. For instance, if the task is to consume an L-size fish cake quickly, you should focus on expanding your mouth and your bite force so that you only need one bite to finish the cake rather than four. The win is quickly in your possession. The more food you can unlock and the higher your level, the more money you receive. In the infinite eating game Food Combatant Clicker, you are the sole fighter tasked with exceeding your own boundaries in a set amount of time. You can modify the avatar, the character’s skin (hairstyle, clothes), and the dining table in addition to honing your eating abilities. It only involves a few minor aspects, but changing them would be pretty intriguing.

Food Fighter Clicker is also a wake-up call for many people’s passion for eating

But keep in mind to match your appetite with your energy level. The satiety index displayed on the screen should always be monitored. Give the character one of the quick digestion remedies displayed as symbols in the upper right corner of the screen, such as Fart, Dung, and Stop Eating, when the stomach is overstuffed. You could collapse at any time if you don’t act quickly to implement these remedies. I think Food Fighter Clicker’s function is quite humane in this regard. If you keep up with the news, you’ll also learn how deadly and sad the mukbang industry on YouTube is. Mukbang YouTubers are not scared to do bad things like eat all day and all night, consume hazardous food, eat a lot of oily food, and eat enormous servings in order to draw viewers and comments. All of these has or will have many negative effects. Many mukbangs have typically been hospitalized with life-threatening illnesses and unable to breathe. Or, even worse, their blood and brain are so severely damaged that they pass away unexpectedly. Although this problem has been covered in numerous newspapers, the allure of money and celebrity is undoubtedly far greater. Returning to Food Fighter Clicker, the aforementioned three answers should serve as a wake-up call to remind you to stop playing in the middle of a level and give yourself some time to unwind before beginning a new one. So, always keep in mind to maintain a sensible and efficient diet to keep yourself healthy! There must be moderation in everything.

Graphics and sound

Food Fighter Clicker makes use of basic 2D graphics. The character does nothing but sit there and consume each course. However, a weird face shape obscures your character’s emotions because only the mouth and hands are moving. Your mouth and stomach will both grow as a result of eating more, and your hands will become more dexterous. Every action throughout every stage and challenge seems quite absurd. The players can unwind by doing this as well. The music is likewise straightforward, mostly to elicit just the right amount of levity and excitement for you to truly change into a “eating athlete” who consumes food on demand. Simple sound effects are played as you earn diamonds or points, or when you chew your food. Despite being little, these elicit a strong sense of exhilaration.

MOD APK version of Food Fighter Clicker

MOD feature

Unrestricted gems
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Download Food Fighter Clicker MOD APK for Android

The game is adorable and doesn’t require much comprehension. Playing with just one hand is acceptable. Everyone who enjoys food and has aspirations of one day becoming a mukbang should play Food Fighter Clicker at least once. Get the game here.

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