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Name Flight
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Package com.StupaX.Flight
Publisher Ashim Shakya
Category Adventure
Version 1
Size 43M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features No
Introduce about FlightHave you ever wished you could transform into a crow so you may soar through the vastness of nature with freedom rather than having to work in cramped, uninteresting sp...
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Introduce about Flight

Have you ever wished you could transform into a crow so you may soar through the vastness of nature with freedom rather than having to work in cramped, uninteresting spaces? Your wishes will come true with Ashim Shakya’s newest game, Flight. With Flight, receive a free ticket for travel. You can fly, explore, and do whatever you like in the game’s stunning Nepali valleys and mountains.


The gameplay of Flight is mainly summarized by its name. In the game, you will change into a crow that can freely soar across the woods without fear. Predators, hunters, or other natural adversaries are not a concern. The ability to fly and freely explore a huge, open space with stunning natural scenery. Fly through the jungle, navigate between the trees, and scale the tallest peaks. A wild bird cannot be stopped by anything. You have the option to explore the forest underground in addition to changing into a bird. You can quickly change into a monk, a nature lover, or someone who wants to explore by clicking the “Transform” button on the screen. You may explore numerous fascinating underground locations, including canyons, streams, and waterfalls. However, in the most recent edition of Flight, all you do is explore, fly, and take in the sights. There are no game modes, quests, or player requirements. There is no strain on you because you cannot also perish while falling from a height. Additionally, there are no objects in the game for you to pick up or interact with, so all you can do is move around and take in the view. I’m not sure if the publisher has not updated their game with the newest features or if they want users to freely experiment and explore. Try out The Wolf and Goat Simulator if you want to experience what it’s like to be a wolf or a goat.


The controls for the monk and the crow will differ slightly. First, the controls for the monk are comparable to those of other mobile role-playing games. You can maneuver the character with the virtual joystick on the left side of the screen, which is where the switch, fast run, and jump are located. To change your viewing angle, touch and hold the right side of the screen. If you want to play as a crow, you navigate by keeping your finger on the screen. Crows will crash into it and settle on the ground or branches.

Realistic 3D graphics

Flight shines out thanks to its exquisite 3D graphics and attention to detail. The gorgeous scenery makes you feel as though you’re viewing the live-action version of The Lion King while still allowing you to go out and actually experience nature. Additionally, there is zero lag in the motion. When you walk through the waterfall and can clearly see the steam coming from the ravines, Flight’s image is similarly realistic. The game’s perspective, lighting, and effects have all been carefully planned. As you fly onward, you can see the mountain gently emerge through the clouds. Additionally, you cannot discount Flight’s stunning weather effects. The cycle of day and night is also quite truthful. You should try watching the sunrise over a mountain since it’s a wonderful experience.

Customize effects, weather

You can alter the graphics quality, day and night cycle, landscape, and color once you’ve entered the options. Even weather effects like clouds, thunder, and rain are available. Because of the realistic and detailed graphics, a high-end phone is needed for the game to run successfully if you want the graphical settings at their highest level.

How to install Flight APK + OBB

You can also try other applications like Subway Surfers, Bad North: Jotunn Edition, and Off The Road.

Download Flight APK free for Android

You only need to experience the freedom of soaring over the sky like a crow while not being under any time, duty, or financial constraints. If you love nature and wish to explore, this game is great for enjoyment and stress release. Flight’s APK and OBB files can be downloaded and installed for free using the links in the paragraph below, despite the fact that the game costs $1.99 on Google Play.