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Name Flight Pilot Simulator
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Package com.fungames.flightpilot
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Version 2.6.39
Size 120M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Flight Pilot SimulatorFly a jet on a compelling, dramatic mission! When you use Fligh...
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Introduce about Flight Pilot Simulator

Fly a jet on a compelling, dramatic mission! When you use Flight Pilot Simulator, you play the part of a skilled pilot who is able to “well handle” a variety of aircraft, including commercial jets, military aircraft, and strike fighters. When flying an aircraft, you use it to carry out missions as well as to enjoy the surrounding space, similar to numerous popular flight simulation games.

What makes Flight Pilot Simulator so different?

The first component is a list of missions that you must complete without fail. They are challenging, varied, and unpredictable. Naturally, given the variety of aircraft types listed above, your work will not only be difficult but also excessive on all fronts. To complete some assigned missions, such as extinguishing fires atop tall mountains, rescuing captives, or navigating barriers to enter a specific military zone, you will need to control your aircraft. The second component is Flight Pilot Simulator’s distinctive 3D visuals. It is well known that the development of the 3D simulation cost the production team a lot of money and time in the creation of numerous elements, including the plane, the operating procedure, the starting and landing procedure, the operation procedure, and finally the surrounding scene on the road and at the mission site. I must add that everything, big or tiny, is vibrant, real, and incredibly realistic. As of right now, it can be argued that the publisher has accomplished what they set out to do from the start: give players the most authentic and professional experience possible with a level of gameplay that is basic enough for a 4-year-old to master.

Extremely attractive gameplay on Flight Pilot Simulator

Flight Pilot Simulator has amazingly smooth and simple gameplay. The physical control commands of the flying process are replaced by touching the screen and adjusting the screen tilt. To start the plane from the runway, the pilot will drag the bar on the right side of the screen in the direction of bottom to top. When the plane is moving at a sufficient rate, you tilt the screen up. To navigate the trip while flying, you are able to freely tilt the phone left and right. Additionally, you can raise and lower the phone to change the plane’s altitude. When you land to carry out a mission, you can do the same. You will pilot the airplane to the precise location marked on the navigational chart, make a leisurely landing there, and then launch your mission. The airplane will take off once more till the mission is finished.

Motivation for talented pilots

You will have the chance to acquire stars while you travel to the mission’s destination. Depending on the difficulty and level of danger, each accomplished mission is awarded with a large sum of money. Playing the tiny fortunate dial games that occasionally appear in Flight Pilot Simulator is another method to “earn money.” In general, you need to gather as many stars and as much money as you can if you want to vary the aircraft lineup and have more effective fighters. I’d also want to mention how striking the airplanes in Flight Pilot Simulator are, coming in a range of sizes, shapes, and colors. If it’s an airplane, it must be one of the well-known manufacturers. It ranks among the finest on the actual battlefield if it is a military one. They inspire us greatly even just by gazing at them. I didn’t say that we could fly like genuine pilots in this place.

Graphics and sound

As I mentioned before, the game’s incredible draw is its graphics. With the incredibly gorgeous aerial scene, which you previously would have only seen in large open world PC games, you will get a one-in-two chance to enjoy a plane from the inside out. The production team also does well with the sound effects. Instead of merely background music, as is sometimes the case with mobile games, you can hear the sound of every little action in the game. The sounds of the engines roaring in the air, the wheels of the plane rolling on the tarmac, and the wind hissing are all obviously designed. There is nothing better if you are playing video games with external speakers or headphones. We have a selection of flight simulation games on IPHONESIDE, including Aerofly FS 2021 and X-Plane Flight Simulator.

MOD APK version of Flight Pilot Simulator

MOD feature

No Limit to Coins

How to use?

To get a lot of coins, you must first finish the first level.
You can also try other applications like Car Mechanic Simulator 21, Wild Blood, and Mini Metro.

Download Flight Pilot Simulator MOD APK for Android

It is crucial that you indicate with a star that we can play anytime, anyplace, online or offline. With Flight Pilot Simulator, I can assure you that you will feel incredibly happy and entertained. They are endless! Unless you want to ruin the enjoyment, go ahead and download Flight Pilot Simulator MOD APK to play right now.

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