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Introduce about FingWith this tiny application, you can detect Wifi thieves and manage your children's Internet access time.Why should you use Fing?It's not a major issue. Howe...
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Introduce about Fing

With this tiny application, you can detect Wifi thieves and manage your children’s Internet access time.

Why should you use Fing?

It’s not a major issue. However, attempting to use other people’s Wifi is not courteous. Particularly when they have multiple persons in their houses, each with their own device, which is already a hardship. That was my reaction when I discovered someone was using my Wifi without my permission one day. The most obvious sign that Wifi is being snooped is when the connection is generally quite reliable while watching movies or accessing the web, but it suddenly slows down. There are sometimes times during the day when you are unable to connect to Wifi. I’ll utilize a basic tool like Fing to see if somebody is doing something they shouldn’t be.

Steps to use Find to detect someone using your Wifi and prevent them do it again

It’s quite easy to use Fing. Simply download and install the most recent version of Fing on your phone, then launch the app. Fing will automatically scan and display all of the gadgets in the house that are connected to the internet on a simple report interface on the screen. It’s one thing to detect, but it’s quite another to put a stop to it. Blocking devices from connecting to Wifi with a PC may be done very quickly with a little searching, but at the present, only Fing can accomplish it on mobile. You can go to each device individually to get details by tapping on it. It will instantly block it after it has been found by saving and memorizing the device’s MAC address. Then, using the phone’s web browser, log in to the Wifi modem using the address”″ and the Username/Password information. Select Enable mode on the Router’s interface to enable blocking by the memorized MAC address. To see if the blocking procedure is complete, click Save and Reboot the Router.

What key features does Fing have?

Fing is a Wifi management app that is absolutely free. It has a lot of useful features that allow you to simply manage the devices that connect to your Wifi. Include:

  • Check to see if your home’s wireless network has been hacked or is secure.
  • Check to see if the motel or wherever you are has any hidden cameras.
  • Test Wifi and mobile Internet speeds, as well as latency, download speed, and upload speed, to see if the Internet service provider has kept its speed promises.
  • Scan the network with the special Wifi and Lan scanner technology to discover all the devices connected to the Wifi you’re looking at. Then, make a list of all devices that are using Wifi and see if anyone is stealing it and limiting bandwidth.
  • IP address, MAC address, device name, model, vendor, and manufacturer are all used to identify the device.
  • Other characteristics and device kinds, such as NetBIOS, UPnP, SNMP, and Bonjour, are examined in depth.
  • Port scanning, device pinging, DNS monitoring, and lookup are all possible.
  • Security notifications for your network and devices are sent to your email and phone automatically.
  • The Fing interface is simple to use. It’s only a few basic steps, and once you’ve read it, you’ll remember it. You can ask someone who has used this program before if you don’t have any experience banning these or other devices (on a PC or smartphone).

Managing your children’s Internet access time

Fing can be used to restrict the usage schedule and pause the access of family members’ children. However, it is vital to discuss it with your children. When and how much time is spent on the Internet during the day is decided by parents and children (and what to use it for). Then you use Fing to automatically set a timer so that the devices they’re using don’t connect to the Internet. It’s a little rude to them if you don’t agree with each other and automatically disconnect. Parents, keep in mind the principles that must be addressed and agreed upon.

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MOD APK version of Fing

MOD feature

Unlocked Premium

Download Fing MOD APK for Android

Fing is a mobile application that takes up little space, has a simple interface, and has a lot of functionality. Children have a strong need for internet amusement, especially during this quarantine period when people are at home, thus controlling Internet access using a Wifi management program like Fing is highly advantageous. It’s available for download here.

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