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Introduce about FineReader ProAn application that quickly converts PDF files into office format files on your mobile device!Why need to convert PDF to a text file?PDF or pictur...
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Introduce about FineReader Pro

An application that quickly converts PDF files into office format files on your mobile device!

Why need to convert PDF to a text file?

PDF or picture formats, as you may know, are a technique to store and transport information while maintaining the original file’s format and can be adjusted to be more compact. Although PDF is convenient to view, it is inconvenient to modify, comment on, or extract information from it, especially for business and education. People may occasionally find themselves in a situation where they have a really intriguing PDF file that is quite long and contains sophisticated information, but they are unsure how to convert it to a word or spreadsheet file for reference and usage. Is it possible to just clip or crop from the PDF? Professionals do not behave in this manner.

What is FineReader Pro?

Professionals will utilize a specialist application such as FineReader Pro, which can accurately convert PDF files or photos to text. It has a variety of other implications on PDF file types, which I shall discuss later. There are five primary features of FineReader Pro. And, in my perspective, any function is useful for office employees.

Convert PDF files, images, scanned files into office formats

FineReader Pro is an application with built-in OCR technology that allows you to convert PDF, picture, and scanned files into editable files like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. After that, you’ll be able to more easily refer to, modify, copy, and share information. Let’s talk about OCR for a moment. Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, is a specialized technology that reads text from image files. It operates on the following principle: scan the image and apply optical reflection effects to blacken the letters and image points on the original file, then output as characters or images, as appropriate. As a result, we have files that can be edited. This is also FineReader Pro’s first and most crucial function.

Is the obtained file accurate compared to the original?

Despite the fact that OCR technology has numerous advantages, it also has certain drawbacks. One of them is extremely depending on the original’s quality. If the original picture file has many different traces other than image characters or has complex textures, tiny black markings will appear when the file is read through OCR. This amount of tiny black marks can be greater or less depending on the phone’s resolution. The output will be clearer if the original is of high quality and resolution. Because the built-in OCR technology is the most recent upgrade, the converted documents are frequently nearly identical to the originals (except in cases where the originals are too bad). In addition, the application has ADRT technology, which aids in the preservation of file structure, layout, format, and retouching after conversion. Size, font style, tables, diagrams, picture details, headers, footers, page margins, footnotes, table of contents, numbering, and so on are all kept consistent and shown virtually perfectly. OCR can currently scan and detect documents in 193 languages (including Latin, Cyrillic, and Chinese alphabets, as well as Japanese and Korean) and output 12 formats (docx, xls, pdf, txt…).

Is it easy to export and share files?

After the conversion is complete, you can save the file in DOCX, ODT, RTF, XSLX, PPTX, HTML, EPUB, and FB2 formats. FineReader Pro’s Export tool makes it simple to accomplish this. Following that, you can easily share the converted PDF file with colleagues and acquaintances using the Share button, which is directly linked to the original registered Gmail account. It can also be saved in Google Drive, Box, Evernote, Dropbox, Yandex.Disk, and other similar services. When working with scanned files and images, the same procedure is used. Everything is extremely easy to use. You can take a photo of any document of interest with your phone’s camera, then use FineReader Pro to process the taken image once to ensure the most efficient file transfer, then select the main feature to convert the image file into an editable document. Everything is very quick and simple. I recall struggling a lot in the past since I didn’t know what to do.

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The special feature set for PDF files

In addition to its primary purpose of converting PDF files and photos into Word documents, FineReader Pro also allows users to perform a number of other tasks with PDF files, including:

  • Make a new PDF document.
  • On an existing PDF file, make changes.
  • Arrange PDF files neatly.
  • Protect PDF files with a password.

Download FineReader PDF Pro APK free for Android

FineReader Pro is, in general, simple to use, quick, and small. There are many other features for PDF files besides converting them to text files, such as sharing, editing, exporting, and saving… Don’t forget to install this app on your phone if you perform regular office work with PDF files.

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