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Introduce about FINAL FANTASY VIIFinal Fantasy now creates an epic journey directly on mobile, doing away with 2D Escape.You will no longer play a 2D gameIt is the first Final Fan...
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Introduce about FINAL FANTASY VII

Final Fantasy now creates an epic journey directly on mobile, doing away with 2D Escape.

You will no longer play a 2D game

It is the first Final Fantasy game to use 3D visuals and computer-generated imagery. Yoshitaka Amano put a lot of work into developing the game’s cast over the course of several years, and it was well worth it. In the past, I used to get terribly depressed while staring at his drawing and the game’s pixel screen. Why? Because the bit graphics ruthlessly diminished the charm of the regal, excessively detailed, and soaring pictures. The tall, chiseled characters on the television have all shrunk into chunky, chubby squares. Only the slightest differences in body type and clothing color may be used to differentiate them. With Final Fantasy VII, though, things were completely different. The Final Fantasy heroes enter a brand-new world that is epic, glorious, and mighty. Players experience a whole new level of thrill as a result. Everyone can be “themselves” in Yoshitaka Amano’s drawing thanks to 3D graphics. In all honesty, I was shocked and relieved when I first started the game. A stunning 3D version of my favorite game is now accessible on mobile devices. Not only is the character depicted in its authentic state, but it is also stunning, glittering, and deeply rewarding. But the beautiful scenery of the mystical world and the intense conflicts also show in full 3D. Do you want to know my feelings? astonished, satisfied, and surprised.

Free to play in the open world

We were initially restricted to moving just within Midgar. Once you achieve success, you will be able to explore additional areas that are hidden behind many secrets. The plot progresses every time there is a new development and a new unlocked area. In Final Fantasy VII, your independence is conditional, and to advance to the later chapters, you must put up a strong fight right away.


Final Fantasy VII’s skill system is likewise built on Materia, mystical jewels that may be placed in certain places on weapons and armor. Materia will aid the character in using magic spells, unique summoning, and a variety of skills. Character stats will be impacted by materia. Depending on the type, each time a Materia is added, a particular stat is either added or subtracted. The second aspect of Final Fantasy VII that stands out is the “awful moves” (“Limited Break”), such as the final move when the character’s repression and resentment reach their peak. A Limit bar will be there for each character, and it will grow as the character gets struck. The character will be able to execute a Limited Break attack when the bar is full. This ultimate move has a very high overall damage rating that is far higher than regular attacks.

Active Time Battle

As in the last few game segments, fighting will still be turn-based and based on the Active Time Battle (ATB) system. But this time, Final Fantasy VII limits the number of players you can select from the team to combat each time to only three. Players are forced to consider their options because of this very severe constraint; they cannot simply choose something because they like it. Additionally, it raises the tactical level of the game in comparison to other areas. You need to consider it carefully in order to select the three people. Choose who strikes with weapons, heals, casts spells, and defends. Everything needs to be thoroughly considered. Final Fantasy VII is the ideal fusion of turn-based strategy with real-time action. Specifically, you might not need to wait when attacking regularly; you just need to attack. However, you have to wait until the energy bar is full or allow yourself some time to collect your thoughts before using abilities, spells, or Limited Break moves. The timeout’s rhythmic component combined with the RPG’s adrenaline makes the game’s up-and-down rhythm extremely alluring.


The majority of Final Fantasy VII on mobile maintains the story and gameplay from the PC version. The attack on the Mako nuclear reactors in Midgar city began when a figure by the name of Cloud joined the AVALANCHE group. The group got trapped during one of the attacks. When the reactor blew up, Cloud was hurt and knocked out. Here, Cloud met Aeris and went with her to aid in her flight from the pursuing party. Unfortunately, Aeris was still taken prisoner at that point. To save Aeris, the remainder of AVALANCHE made the decision to break into Shinra’s headquarters, and they were able to get away. How did they do it? Because a second, more potent villain emerged and wiped out the entire Shinra system. Sephiroth is his full name. A few people noticed the headless body of a Jenora creature had vanished from the lab during that chaotic onslaught. After experiencing many highs and lows, the gang finally realized Sephiroth’s covert strategy: He desired to cause harm throughout the planet in order for the Lifestream to converge in one location and heal. He planned to absorb this priceless flow of energy and combine it with his physical form in order to resurrect as a God who presided over all realms. Everything started to make more sense after a few additional lines of action. It came out that Tifa, Cloud, and Zack Fair—Aeris’ lover—had fought Sephiroth together in the past. Unexpectedly, he was flung into the Lifestream by a group of knights while still conscious and reincarnated there. Although she lost the fight with Sephiroth, Aeris was able to conjure holy magic. Nevertheless, the magic was still insufficient to defeat Sephiroth. In order to discover the truth about the mastermind, Professor Hojo, who was behind everything and was Sephiroth’s father, Cloud and Tifa eventually broke free from Sephiroth’s mental prison. And everything connected to major crimes was entirely annihilated by the Lifestream’s prompt arrival. Despite the destruction of Midgar City, there is now peace over the entire Planet. Well, even a single day wouldn’t be enough to cover all the specifics, happenings, and timelines in Final Fantasy VII. There is typically someone who loses their mind, someone who was mind controlled, a few people are sacrificed, a villain who turns out to not be the ultimate boss, and the final boss was responsible for everything in order to control and produce a tragedy. No matter how different the settings are in each game series, it is always how the plot unfolds. You can also try other applications like Game Dev Tycoon, Vector, and Rebel Inc.

Download FINAL FANTASY VII APK free for Android

The game features a complete set of iconic images and enticing audio. The JRPG action gameplay is both conventional and sufficiently current. Characters have distinct personalities, and the plot has too many twists and turns. I have no excuse for not playing Final Fantasy VII.

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