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Introduce about File CommanderManage your files on your phone instead of allowing them to wreak havoc on your life!There are too many files on your phone, what should you do?On...
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Introduce about File Commander

Manage your files on your phone instead of allowing them to wreak havoc on your life!

There are too many files on your phone, what should you do?

One of the challenges of having too much capacity on a smartphone or tablet is keeping files clear, orderly, and easy to discover. You can instantly open, examine, copy, or move files as needed. Anyone who has ever used a phone with a huge storage capacity would understand. Photographing, filming, recording, working, visiting the web, and downloading data are all enjoyable activities. When it comes to the older ones, though, you have no idea where to look, which is time-consuming and complicated. We unwittingly become slaves to technology rather than stewards of it. When you’re in this circumstance, you’ll realize how critical it is to maintain your phone clean, well-organized, and dedicated to a certain task. But remembering the notion of saving files doesn’t take long; all you have to do now is download a dedicated file management tool like File Commander and you’re good to go. File Commander is useful for a lot more than just organizing and managing files. After a few weeks of use, I’ve discovered that the following three characteristics of this program appeal to me the most.

Manage everything, inside and out

The memory of a phone is usually split into two sections: internal memory and external memory. It is divided into numerous little corners, each of which is suited for a variety of applications, software, and data. File Commander will assist you in consolidating all of the files and folders that are strewn about this place into a single, easy-to-manage location, including files from external memory cards. The word “manage” means a lot more than you would think. Simple chores like opening, reading, finding files, copying, renaming, cutting, deleting files… to more difficult procedures like compressing data quickly and compactly and moving files to different locations are all done in a matter of minutes. Imagine being able to do everything you can on your PC or laptop with all of your data, and now being able to do it all on your phone with a single, user-friendly interface. When I sit back and analyze files and accompany the application to organize my “smartphone life” more neatly, the sensation of familiarity gets me even more delighted.

File Commander also manages the online files

It’s true that we have a lot of large files that are related to multiple people at the same time, especially at work, and that they need to be saved somewhere else for simple access from multiple sources. It is now hard to deal with these difficult files online using several basic file management applications. But it’s not the same with File Commander. Simply log in to your personal online storage account to manage and perform all management tasks, just as you would with the phone’s internal storage. File Commander is also compatible with all of the files listed above that are hosted on cloud storage sites such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox.

Convert file extension to any format

It’s inconvenient to have to sit around and download a separate conversion utility or file extension software, then open each file to alter it. As a result, File Commander has this wonderful feature at all times. The program will assist you in converting existing files to over a hundred various formats, including documents to pdf, ppt to pptx, pdf… PDF, DOCX, XLSX, EPUB, MOBI, HTML, TXT, GIF, JPG, FLAC, MP3, MP4, M4A CSV, BMP, PPTX, TIFF… are just a few examples of popular formats. This capability is particularly useful for ppt files that only need to be viewed and not edited.

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Unbelievably strong series of extra features

File Commander offers a series of “heavyweight” side features in addition to the three essential functions listed above. I’m sure you’ll be surprised because you need it but haven’t noticed it yet. Details:

  • Protect essential files by putting them in a secure location with password protection.
  • Without installing any additional software, you may transfer files from your phone to your computer and other smart devices.
  • Show you how much memory each file uses, memory statistics for each part, and recommendations for what to do with these files, such as removing files that have never been accessed, migrating to a different memory location, and eliminating unnecessary intermediate files…
  • Finally, install File Commander to receive 5GB of free drive space and the ability to save files online.

MOD APK version of File Commander

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Unlocked Premium

Download File Commander MOD APK for Android

If you still have questions about how to manage files on your phone or are unsure what to sort, delete, or keep, don’t wait to download File Commander and start using it right away. It’s your dependable helper.

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