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Updated onmai 25, 2023

FIFA Soccer, the world’s most renowned soccer game, has made its highly anticipated return to the Android platform. This time, players can expect a plethora of amazing changes that will enhance their gaming experience. Immerse yourself in epic soccer gameplay as you build your own team, guide your players through thrilling matches, and emerge victorious against formidable opponents.

Revamped Graphics and Realistic Physics

Prepare to be captivated by FIFA Soccer’s completely overhauled and polished graphics, which create an immersive and lifelike football experience. The game boasts accurate physics that add depth and authenticity to the gameplay. Explore a wide array of exciting game modes that pit you against top players from around the world, allowing you to test your skills on the grandest stage.


In FIFA Soccer, players assume the role of club managers, gaining access to various aspects of club management. As the decision-maker, you have the power to select which players to purchase and release in the transfer market. Adapt your tactics by choosing a suitable formation and providing specific instructions to each individual in your team.

With more than 550 different football clubs, complete with real player stats and official FIFA licenses, FIFA Soccer offers endless entertainment as you tackle challenging and exhilarating football scenarios. Construct your dream team and enjoy playing with your favorite players as you guide them to glory.


Engage in Epic Real-Time PvP Football Challenges: For the first time in years, Android gamers can experience the thrill of real-time PvP football matches on their mobile devices. Engage in authentic 11v11 football battles against players from all corners of the globe. Participate in epic game modes, defeat the best opponents, level up your team, train them to reach world-class levels, and lead them to glory in FIFA Soccer. With this extraordinary game from EA, you can fully immerse yourself in your football passion.

  1. Create Your Own Team and Lead Them to Victories: As previously mentioned, FIFA Soccer allows gamers to create their own football team comprising the world’s greatest players. With over 550 real teams from multiple leagues worldwide, you can compete in a variety of thrilling competitions.

Additionally, the game provides access to a vast collection of officially licensed footballers, complete with accurate stats and authentic data. Engage in thrilling football matches with players from all over the world.

Immerse yourself in various aspects of football management and competitions as you assemble a diverse roster, recruiting players from different clubs. Dive into the transfer market and training sessions to shape your ultimate team, ready to compete against formidable opponents.

Adapt your team’s strategy before and during matches to outwit your adversaries. Gain tactical advantages and secure victory to earn incredible rewards. Adjust your tactics with every match and make the right calls to triumph over your opponents.

  1. Master the Game through Kick-Off Challenges: FIFA Soccer offers Kick-Off challenges to help players quickly familiarize themselves with the game’s basic controls and techniques. Within a few practice sessions, you can embark on your own football journey in this exceptional game. Learn to shoot, pass, dribble, perform skills, and more, guided by intuitive instructions.

Moreover, completing these challenges rewards you with valuable loot that will aid you on your journey to compete in major leagues against real players worldwide.

  1. Experience Thrilling Attack Mode: For those who seek fast-paced and enjoyable football gameplay, FIFA Soccer presents the Attack Mode. Engage in quick 90-second matches that heavily emphasize attacking play, with defensive actions automatically resolved based on your team setup. Enjoy this real-time football experience as you relentlessly assault your opponents to secure victory. Win matches, improve your ranking in Attack Mode, and reap seasonal rewards.
  2. Compete in Epic Leagues against Global Gamers: FIFA Soccer allows you to engage in full-length matches with friends and gamers from around the world. Test your team’s capabilities and your skills during epic 90-minute battles.

Challenge the best teams in the world across multiple leagues and tournaments. Defeat them to unlock incredible rewards for both you and your players. Showcase your talents on the pitch and rise above the world’s finest players to become the top gamer in FIFA Soccer.

  1. Complete Quests for Incredible Rewards: In addition to the main gameplay, FIFA Soccer offers exciting events and unique quests for players to participate in. These quests not only provide rewarding loot but also serve as an opportunity to delve deeper into the intricacies of the game.
  2. Engage in Exciting Events: The game features a variety of random and scheduled events, allowing you to participate and earn ultimate rewards. Compete against players from around the world in challenges that differ slightly from your regular football matches. Immerse yourself in an entirely new aspect of FIFA Soccer with these amazing events.
  3. Claim Daily Rewards: By simply logging into the game frequently, you can collect daily rewards in addition to the prizes earned from missions and challenges. The rewards escalate as you consistently log in to FIFA Soccer. Make it a habit to return to the game every day to claim your amazing loot.
  4. Free-to-Play: Despite its extensive features, FIFA Soccer is completely free to play. You can easily download and install it on your mobile devices from the Google Play Store without any charge.

Visual and Sound Quality


FIFA Soccer mesmerizes players with its new engine and high-quality graphics, guaranteeing an immersive football experience. Immerse yourself in the game as you compete against players worldwide, enjoying smooth and satisfying gameplay on various devices, including low-end Android devices. Adjust the graphics quality to optimize the game’s performance and enjoy uninterrupted gameplay.


FIFA Soccer enhances the gaming experience through immersive sound design. Dive into the real-time football challenges and relish the ambiance of a massive stadium filled with thousands of cheering football fans. Experience the intensity of the game on the field with authentic sound effects. As expected from any FIFA game, FIFA Soccer features captivating songs from the world’s most popular artists.


Download the latest version of FIFA Soccer to join the ranks of fans who consider it their new favorite game, alongside renowned titles like Dream League Soccer and PES Pro Evolution Soccer. Create your dream football team and assemble the best combinations of players. Become the world’s greatest manager and footballer in FIFA Soccer as you conquer captivating challenges within the game.

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