Fictif: Interactive Romance

Fictif: Interactive Romance

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Name Fictif: Interactive Romance
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Package com.nixhydragames.sna
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Version 1.0.47
Size 51M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Free Premium Choices
Introduce about Fictif: Interactive RomanceYou experience a range of emotions playing the visual novel games. You have the freedom to decide how to handle various circumstances and steer the...
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Introduce about Fictif: Interactive Romance

You experience a range of emotions playing the visual novel games. You have the freedom to decide how to handle various circumstances and steer the narrative. The video game I would advise you to play in this article is called Fictif: Interactive Romance “Visual Novels. Please leave a 5-star review for this content if you enjoy it.


Visual novels provide simple role-playing games. Fictif: Interactive Romance You’ll take on the role of the main character in the tales. Other characters will engage with you in conversation, flirtation, and joint activities. That’s intriguing, don’t you think? However, remember that your choices will have an impact on what happens in the future. This is a characteristic of the visual novel genre that relies on it to guide the plot toward the desired conclusion.

Discover interesting stories

For the time being, Fictif: Interactive Romance “TWO AGAINST THE WORLD, LAST LEGACY, ROADKILL, and HEIR TO LOVE & LIES are the four storylines that make up Visual Novels. Players have complained that there aren’t enough stories in certain reviews. But from speaking to those who have experienced it, I’ve learned that each narrative takes a while to play, and if you want to dig deeper into the subject matter, it can take longer. In the near future, you can anticipate the developer to include more storylines. HEIR TO LOVE & LIES appears to feature a horror component among the four stories mentioned above. In the first clip, a ghost tries to alert you to the murder of the lead female. It was actually her granny. She died, and the young woman “She left more than 16 million dollars to her granddaughter. Everybody who was close to her constantly desired to be a part of them, and most likely one of them is the murderer. You need to identify that person with the aid of her grandma so that her grandmother’s soul can depart. Your adventure across the country with three other pals is chronicled in ROADKILL. However, unexpected events occurred, which alarmed everyone. It appeared that a murderer was attempting to track you down. How are you and the others going to make it through this and get home? The 1920s Gatsby era is the setting of TWO AGAINST THE WORLD. It involves a gangster and a romantic journey. He provides you the love you’ve been looking for. When his past is gradually made known to you, would you choose to hold onto your love or let it go? LAST LEGACY is the last tale. You rise to the top of the cosplay world. You unintentionally see a purple crystal during a concert and are instantly transported into a fantastical world. The risks in this world are numerous. To combat the evil powers, you will need to enlist the aid of knights and mages. Can you fulfill your destiny and safely make it back home?


The line characters in the visual novel “Fictif: Interactive Romance” are highly varied. With more than 20 different persons, you can communicate and interact. They each have remarkable personalities and appearances. Each of their inner selves will become more profound as you spend more time with them. This aspect of the game makes it far more well-liked than other games in its category.

Some other features

Interactive romance visual novels allow for the saving of game progress. That allows you to switch between devices without losing data. You only need to open the settings and select a Google or Facebook account to log in to archive. In addition, the game motivates players by awarding stars. You can see each advertisement to earn another star, or you can get one star per day for free. The Premium Choices are selected using these stars.

MOD APK version of Fictif: Interactive Romance

MOD feature

No-Cost Premium Options
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Download Fictif: Interactive Romance MOD APK for Android

Both the visual novel genre and the Fictif: Interactive Romance “Visual Novels type of content are no longer novel. The game is still adored for its fresh, imaginative, and meaningful stories, nevertheless. You can now choose the events of your own story and meet the people you want to.

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