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Name FGB Operators
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Package com.moab.fgb
Publisher M.o.a.b
Category Games
Version 1.2.1
Size 454M
Requires Android 4.1
MOD Features No
Introduce about FGB OperatorsJoin the war against terrorism with Soviet forcesAs FGB Operators, you join the Soviet counterterrorism force as a vital member. You are charged with e...
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Introduce about FGB Operators

Join the war against terrorism with Soviet forces

As FGB Operators, you join the Soviet counterterrorism force as a vital member. You are charged with eliminating the places that are being occupied by terrorism while defending the tranquil lives of innocent people in the face of terrorist scenarios that threaten security in numerous areas. However, because terrorists are armed with so many high-tech weapons, the war is difficult. And you sneak into their places by yourselves.

3D graphics with Counter-Strike style

For those who can see it, FGB Operators boasts visuals and graphics that are strikingly comparable to Counter-Strike1.6, one of the best and most established first-person shooter games available. You are plunged in ferocious battles against terrorism on Android mobile thanks to realistic and sophisticated 3D visuals. You have the impression that you are battling on a genuine battlefield thanks to the game. The game’s console is similarly simple, almost resembling shooting games on mobile platforms. To adjust the viewing angle, you move with the joystick on the left, touch, and rotate the screen. On the right side of the screen are controls for picking up weapons, loading magazines, shooting, and throwing grenades. The reload button is positioned in the top-right corner of the screen, which makes it challenging for me to reload the bullet while adjusting my viewing angle. This is the only drawback that I can think of.

Campaign mode and survival mode

FGB Operators offers players two game modes: campaign and survival. In which the campaign mode transports you to 7 distinct terrorist-occupied locations. They are constantly prepared to combat and are fully equipped. To finish the assignment, use your weapon, eliminate all adversaries, and move to the necessary location. If you want to live in the face of the fire like a rain of terrorists, you must move carefully, establish shooting angles that neutralize the enemy’s numerical advantage, and use the terrain as a shield for yourself. The soldier will immediately regain health when not hit by bullets for a short period of time, which is one distinction from CS. There is no time constraint in the game for finishing your mission. Rest in between terrorist strikes to replenish the main character’s health while deciding how to carry out the attack most effectively. The battlefield strategy is crucial to the success of FGB Operators battles. Spend some time assessing the area and determining a feasible course of action to eliminate terrorists one at a time. In addition, FGB Operators have a special mode called survival. On the other hand, you must play through the terrorist attacks in survival mode if the campaign mode demands you to actively combat the attackers. You pick one of the three available maps, then battle till your health runs out against each wave of terrorist strikes. You don’t have a lot of ammunition. You need to take out the terrorists with a Glock before stealing their weapons to carry on the battle. Because you can only use one weapon in the game—there is no melee—you must be mindful of your ammunition supply. You become utterly harmless if your ammunition runs out.

The real weapon system of CS

In addition to Counter-Strike, FGB Operators replicates a complete weapon system that is just as realistic. You can employ a variety of firearms in the game, such as the well-known AK47 made by the Soviet Union. Additionally, you get the chance to utilize a variety of well-known weapons in the conflict, including the M4A1, USP, Glock, some types of shotguns, some types of SMG, AWP, and others.
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Download FGB Operators APK free for Android

Still lacking is an online multiplayer mode for FGB Operators so that you can battle with buddies. This is a significant negative considering that the majority of shooting games are designed to encourage teamwork among players during combat. Additionally, the game currently only supports Russian. Hopefully the upcoming updates from M.O.A.B will include several additional modes and languages. The APK and OBB files for FGB Operators can be downloaded for free using the links below even though the game costs $0.99 on Google Play.