FFVII The First Soldier

FFVII The First Soldier

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Name FFVII The First Soldier
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Package com.square_enix.android_googleplay.ff7fsww
Publisher Square Enix Co.,ltd.
Category Action
Version 1.0.8
Size 806M
Requires Android 7.1 and up
MOD Features No
Introduce about FFVII The First SoldierIn this high-octane battle royale shooter, you must be the elite soldier!...
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Introduce about FFVII The First Soldier

In this high-octane battle royale shooter, you must be the elite soldier!


The plot of Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is set 30 years prior to Final Fantasy VII. Shinra is now constructing and testing Soldier, a competent force with strong warriors, superior weaponry, and a variety of the most advanced vehicles, maybe never before seen in the Final Fantasy sections. The epic battles of this strong army drive the whole game.


FFVII The First Soldier is a battle-royale game similar to PUBG and Apex Legends, however it is a somewhat different version when combining aspects of the legendary hero, summoned beast mount, lethal chariot, summoning spells, and monster cast. So calling FFVII The First Soldier a masterpiece is not overstating the case.

The aggressive enemy warriors and a slew of powerful and scary creatures must be destroyed in the game. All of them are ferocious and deadly, and they hide somewhere in the magical city. Each fight takes place, and if you defeat a monster, you will get experience points to improve your combat abilities and the ability to unlock a variety of new weapons.

In each combat, your goal is to find riches as rapidly as possible across the city (such as weapons, energy points). The analogy is overcoming traps, meeting and defeating opponents, and fulfilling the objective of “cleaning” the new territory. In particular, you must struggle to be the final survivor in this fierce online war.

This genre adds a lot of excitement to the game. With the fighting scenes and the adrenaline of being hunted, it gives players the sensation of being completely subjugated.

The RPG character, like the original Final Fantasy, cannot be missing. Warrior, Sorcerer, and Monk classes are available for fighters in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. Each class has its own set of qualities, benefits, and drawbacks. Players praise the battle system and weaponry in FFVII The First Soldier for being versatile and adaptable. Each warrior will be armed with a variety of weapons ranging from melee to long-range, such as a sword, knives, legal boxing, and guns, grenades, and bombs. So, in every circumstance, you can not only battle and bombard as in a genuine action movie, but you can also swing your sword around and fly like a samurai.

Furthermore, the soldiers in FFVII The First Soldier have class-specific skills such as summoning monsters such as Chocobo and Ifrit, as well as contemporary chariots and beautiful riding creatures. This adds to the game’s excitement since players may perform a variety of things with their characters while playing to create a magnificent and grand spectacle.

In addition to the weapon and battle technique, FFVII The First Soldier has a strong draw from the dreamy troops, who are faithful to Final Fantasy’s flying and legendary style. The form remains consistent with the classic series, but is reported to be much more elegant and contemporary in this mobile-exclusive game.

So many weapons, is the rotation and control complicated?

It took me a bit to get accustomed to how to operate the character in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. But it doesn’t take long, and once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be able to handle it with ease. On the screen, there will be fundamental skills such as evading and defending, as well as a cluster of navigation buttons to move the character, an energy metre, and a health bar to check the character’s strength and cooldown. The remainder is a list of weapons gathered by the warrior. What may be confusing at first is how to mix numerous things at once to create combinations, shields, summoning, and special attacks specific to each class, but as you get accustomed to it, you will be able to generate attack combos effortlessly and will get hooked to executing these combos.

Another fantastic feature for those of you who are getting ready to play FFVII The First Soldier is that the character may be upgraded to skill immediately in the middle of the game, without having to wait for the new scene to be implemented. This regulation is also a component that allows you to continually enhance your strength while struggling for life.

Game mode

With a Fight-royale core, FFVII The First Soldier provides many distinct game modes for players to select from, including Single-player mode, 3v3 mode, Boss battle mode, and Trading feature, which allows players to freely purchase and trade weapons, skins, equipment, resources, and stuff.

Graphics and sound

Many aspects of FFVII The First Soldier are reminiscent of the classic Final Fantasy series. When you recall the famous battles of the past, the familiar landscape of Midgar and Wutai will make you apprehensive. The way the context is designed is also full of enchantment, generating a familiar sensation of appeal while simultaneously making you feel nauseous since it makes you realise that new things are waiting for you.

The sound is exactly as distinct and captivating as what you’ve heard in Final Fantasy. The music effects, colours, and images in each combat combination are incredible. This is a significant factor in the appeal of this game.

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In a nutshell, Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is a thrilling game with fascinating gameplay and stunning visuals. This is definitely a game worth playing in 2021.

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