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Name Farm Town
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Package com.foranj.farmtown
Category Farming
Version 3.7
Size 86M
Requires Android
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Farm TownA farming game that aids with wound healingHeal all woundsFarm games...
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Introduce about Farm Town

A farming game that aids with wound healing

Heal all wounds

Farm games have a long history of being used to treat injuries and soothe pain. Of course, it cannot be compared to fighting games in terms of epicness, mental gymnastics, or thrill. But in exchange, you get a sense of inner calm and brief periods of dreaming of leaving the city and returning to the countryside. It is inestimable. In this game, you can farm, harvest, use wood to build buildings, raise animals, and care for young pets, watching them develop day by day and gradually enjoying the results of your labor. No matter how demanding your life is, you will notice that your heart has softened. I think Farm Town is one of the finest games for healing. Open this game and play a bit whenever you’re tired, regardless of who you are, your age, or the challenges you’re experiencing. I think you’ll feel a lot more at ease after the first minute.

How is Farm Town different and attractive compared to other farm games?

There are many distinct styles of farm games. There are simulation games that demand constant effort, but there are also extremely idle games where all you have to do is place the order and wait for the results. A combination of these two types is Farm Town. For instance, you need to get a saw if you wish to cut trees for wood to create farmhouses and specialized places. The trees you want to chop down will automatically appear under each one as you move them, and the saw blades will start cutting them down. The saw will cut down the tree more quickly the faster you drag. The tree finally vanishes, leaving you with a pile of wood. In Farm Town, the majority of jobs always combine hand control with some sort of little mechanical device. Players will thus feel like they are actively involved in the process without expending excessive time and effort on menial tasks one at a time. Farm Town is intended to be a little farm. To create an irrigation system, all you need to do is create a sizable pool and waterfall. Planting and maintaining a variety of hay, maize, green vegetables, and fruit trees is your first responsibility. Your second goal is to construct a large number of structures to support the breeding, processing, and production of agricultural items for food and drink. You will gradually help to transform the farm into a joyful, successful community with fruit trees and enticing food processing facilities such a food processor, bakery, candy factory, jam factory, and Mexican food. You must plant, tend to, and raise a wide variety of plants and animals. You will have a ton of fun being completely in tune with nature by thinking about creating the buildings and actively planting and cultivating in Farm Town.


Farm Town is a charming farming game with somewhat peculiar gameplay and graphics. Farm Town gives you a cheerful village with green leaves and fresh air to spend the calm days in contrast to other farm simulation games where you are given an empty area and must start constructing it (purchasing seeds, planting, breeding, producing, processing, and trading). It is not far from the metropolis to the village of Farm Town. Everything is still pretty modern, not too wild, and needs to be completely rebuilt, just like in other farm games, because it is exactly like a tiny town.  

What exactly can we do in this game?

By assembling resources nearby, you can start producing and constructing on your farm in accordance with the situation. Then, using a variety of your current farm products, you create dishes, beverages, and crafts (for example, making strange bouquets from beautiful flowers in the garden). As you gain income, you continue to invest in additional purchases of materials for construction. But when you have a lot of money, it will be a problem. Planting, breeding, and construction must all be done simultaneously in the beginning. You raise sheep for their pelt, dogs for housekeeping, apple trees for fresh fruit and apple pies, rice for rice, and other flours for sale to make money. You only have to do these. Your workload will be diverse and rich. However, anytime you do them, you’ll feel content and at ease. A lovely, good, quality agricultural game provides you spiritual human value, isn’t that right?

MOD APK version of Farm Town

MOD feature

Unrestricted funds


Spending causes money to grow.
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Download Farm Town MOD APK for Android

You have a series of easy jobs ahead of you, along with some incredibly lovely and colorful pictures and noises. Like me, you’ll have opened Farm Town to play and probably spent a lot of time with it. Now is the time to begin your first day of farming. Get Farm Town here!

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