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Name Fake GPS
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Version 5.3.1
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Requires Android 4.1
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Introduce about Fake GPSWith only one click, you may change the location of your phone to anyplace in the globe! The "Global Positioning System" (GPS) can show your location on Google Maps,...
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Introduce about Fake GPS

With only one click, you may change the location of your phone to anyplace in the globe! The “Global Positioning System” (GPS) can show your location on Google Maps, social networking apps, or any other app that needs to know where you are. GPS is an excellent way to track the location of automobiles in real time. Friends and relatives can use GPS to find your exact location if they need to, and GPS is also useful in a variety of other scenarios. However, there are times when you’ll require phony GPS to “fake” your geographic location temporarily.

When to create fake GPS on the phone?

It’s a misconception to imagine that catching Pokemon is as simple as setting up many virtual presence spots on your phone. A fake GPS is useful in a variety of scenarios. Instead of employing a VPN service to generate a virtual IP, you may now modify the location of your presence through the false GPS when testing software for clients or accessing specific services or applications that are restricted to where you are present. When you join a social network or a dating app and don’t want anyone to know where you are, either unintentionally or on purpose. It could also be that you don’t want your true position to be revealed to anyone on Facebook or through Google Maps-style monitoring programs. Alternatively, you don’t want to be controlled by relatives or anybody else via location apps that can’t be removed. All of these requirements prompt a search for a phony GPS. Fake GPS is one of the most powerful fake GPS programs available today.

What is Fake GPS?

False GPS is an app that enables users construct a fake GPS address by simulating their present location. Fake GPS will quickly shift your location to a completely other location with just a few simple touches. Fake GPS can be used to make a prank with family and friends. It’s also fairly easy to “hide” from the tracking of GPS-enabled programs. When playing Pokemon Go, you can also alter the GPS to catch Pokemon.

Save history and create a list of favorite locations

You wish to “go” to one of your favorite check-in locations? This is quite possible because Fake GPS saves the history of all favorite lists; all you have to do is launch the app and check-in at the desired location. It’s a really quick and easy process.

Support with many other apps

When you use False GPS to create a fake GPS, any GPS-integrated app will recognize this new fake address. Other apps will automatically display you on the phony location that you made when you use Fake GPS, as long as you run Fake GPS first before your app.

You can also try other applications like Translate Box, Facebook, and VideoShow Pro.

How to use Fake GPS

It’s really easy and quick to use Fake GPS. Simply download and install the Fake GPS app on your device, then follow the steps below:

Download Fake GPS APK for Android

In conclusion, Fake GPS is a little yet powerful program. You can generate a fake presence location for yourself using Fake GPS and go about your business without fear of being tracked.

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