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Exiled Kingdoms

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Name Exiled Kingdoms
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Package net.fdgames.ek.android
Publisher 4 Dimension Games
Category Games
Version 1.3.1182
Size 121M
Requires Android 4.1
MOD Features Unlocked All, Unlimited Money
Introduce about Exiled KingdomsAre you a strong enough hero in the Dark world to discover a secret that thousands of people depend on?A deep and wide plot which is suspenseful to hold y...
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Introduce about Exiled Kingdoms

Are you a strong enough hero in the Dark world to discover a secret that thousands of people depend on?

A deep and wide plot which is suspenseful to hold your breath

The premise of Exiled Kingdoms‘ opening chapter, which tells the tale of a valiant hero in a gloomy world, might be appealing to anyone. A magical disaster known as The Horrors destroyed the Andorian Empire in the previous century, killing everyone and leaving everything in ruins. The fortunate survivors were able to cross the sea and seek safety in Varannar’s kingdom after the catastrophe. However, this was not the best setting to begin a new life. It was a terrible island filled with unsolved mysteries and barbarism. From an initial group of refugees struggling in that mess, individuals have continuously internalized split into factions with distinct authority. On the island of Varannar, there had formerly been 4 minor independent kingdoms. Even though they still face numerous threats every day, they never stop contending with one another for control of the Four Kingdoms. The century is over. You are a member of the coming generation. And the only things from the past that still exist are in the writings and memories of the ancients. The unfairness, the ongoing battles, the scarcity of food and gold occurring everywhere on this enormous island are currently the most important things to you. One day, a letter from New Garand informed you that you were the sole legitimate heir to a sizable bequest. It underlines that this is your single opportunity to improve your life and that you must travel to New Garand to receive it. Our protagonist (you) sets out on a journey that includes a never-ending number of perils and secrets on the way to New Garand. Finally, you’ll understand that enormous fortune is considerably larger than you initially thought. And the price to pay to obtain it might be too expensive. This adventure contains all of the important information about the island, the source of power, and how to end the age-old curse of separation.

Every nook and cranny have a secret, and every dialogue brings back many hints

One of the most played single-player action role-playing games on mobile nowadays is Exiled Kingdoms. It has a complex plot that is compared to the original Diablo because of its depth. Every aspect of the game, from a few little incidences to a greater secret that spans all the game’s motivations, is intriguing and worth exploring. There are now 129 places in Exiled Kingdoms that you are free to explore. The clever interactions are the strong point. In the game, you do the work on your own, but another player is present. You will interact with many folks along the route. Don’t miss anything; you’ll have useful tips for the next phase. Additionally, you must continually do jobs, gather things, and fend off monsters and goblins.

Gameplay and manipulation in Exiled Kingdoms

Baldur’s Gate or Diablo II come to mind when playing this game. Characters have levels, and you may unlock weapons and improve skills by collecting objects and accumulating points. Treasure hunts and enigmatic puzzles must be solved to finish each chapter of the story. In addition, you must combine events in order to solve this world’s biggest puzzle. You will receive points for each assignment you finish and enemy you kill. You can customize characters, upgrade weapons, and improve skills more quickly the more points you have. Controlling your character is a simple and well-known process. The emulation buttons are located in the lower-right corner of the screen, the navigation cluster is on the left, and the weapon selection is on the right. You will choose or even mix weapons and skills according on the circumstance and the adversary to achieve the objective the quickest.

The graphics are extremely rich, the sound is amazing, the effects are surprisingly effective

The 2D graphics in Exiled Kingdoms are mediocre at best. However, everything becomes intriguing simply and personally because of the variety of viewpoints, specifics in the items, rhythmic character movements, and visual impacts when creatures appear or lurk there. In Exiled Kingdoms, you don’t need to use any complicated weaponry or maneuvers; you may just be yourself, find out what occurs as you go, and battle to the bitter finish. There isn’t much sound in the game; 80% of it is made up of sound effects from weapons, the fighting screen, monsters, and bad weather. At first, I have to say, this kind of background sound design makes me feel a little stuffy and out of breath, but as the scene progresses, the suspense and drama are amplified significantly. I award 8 out of 10.

MOD APK version of Exiled Kingdoms

MOD features

  • Unrestricted funds
  • Accessible Paid Content

Keep in mind that killing monsters will get you a lot of cash.
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Download Exiled Kingdoms APK & MOD for Android

Exiled Kingdoms is a lengthy game with a compelling narrative and plenty of locations to discover and explore. You can play it for the entire day and night thanks to its many sceneries. The gameplay is straightforward, and the system is simple to use. What a wonderfully fluid action role-playing game! Guys, it’s definitely worth playing.

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