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Name Evoland 2
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Package com.playdigious.evoland2
Publisher Playdigious
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Version 2.1.1
Size 489M
Requires Android 5.0
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Evoland 2 - Interesting adventureLike the original, Evoland 2's visuals will evolve over the course of the game's lifetime,...
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Evoland 2 – Interesting adventure

Like the original, Evoland 2’s visuals will evolve over the course of the game’s lifetime, from the Game Boy’s green screen and poor resolution to the PlayStation’s vibrant visuals.

The plot is influenced

You’ll be shocked to learn that many other games are mentioned in the details, but Zelda still has the most influence. This indicates that the game’s story begins when you awaken in a foreign country where a sinister scheme is being carried out. So you converse with a few locals before taking up your sword and setting off on your adventure.

An interesting gameplay style

You’ll enjoy the way that Evoland 2 combines swordplay, exploration, and quizzes if you’ve played A Link to the Past or Timing Hero. You’ll enjoy it if you’re a game-savvy person. Enjoy this game’s postmodern features. You can notice the lines “This chest would have been open if the development team had extra programming time” if you try to dig around in the chest in the opening. And the buddy would comment, “I feel different… perceive less detail,” when you transitioned from SNES-style visuals to an 8-bit age.

Creativity in design

You acquire new features, new technology, and alter the game’s visuals as you advance through the game. You will fight in new and original fights, from pixel-based monochrome to 3D visuals.
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Download Evoland 2 APK for Android

Evoland 2’s appeal comes from more than just a love of video game culture; it also comes from its reversal of common stereotypes. Additionally, the abrupt changes in the game’s genre make the journey more varied and unpredictable. These features are not only represented in the game’s hilarious dialogue.

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