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Name Evertale
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Package com.zigzagame.evertale
Publisher Zigzagame Inc.
Category Games
Version 2.0.63
Size 66M
Requires Android 5.1Network required
MOD Features Unlimited Silver/Stamina/CaptureStones
Introduce about EvertaleFor mobile devices, role-playing games are created by ZigZaGame. They now offer four games on Google Play, with ...
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Introduce about Evertale

For mobile devices, role-playing games are created by ZigZaGame. They now offer four games on Google Play, with Evertale being the most well-known. The high points of this game will be outlined in this review. Please read on to see whether it is actually worthwhile for you to experience.


Every 100 years, Pandemonium, a devastating catastrophe, strikes Erden. But now, only 18 years after the initial threat, it reappears earlier. This is not good. But there is luck even with poor luck. A young group of four heroes got together to discuss organizing a decisive war to put an end to Erden’s catastrophe. They gradually expanded into an army from a tiny initial group. They include courageous soldiers who are prepared to make sacrifices in order to benefit future generations. Your responsibility is to make sure they have the strength to fight until Erden regains its natural calm.


Build a strong army to battle in Evertale’s frightening foes. The role-playing game will undoubtedly satisfy fans of the genre. Through several turn-based encounters with the ferocious wild monsters ravaging Erden and various dark forces, you can hone the talents of your character. Capture the monsters as they are fighting, then teach them to support your cause. This is essential in assisting you in creating an army. When battling Evertale’s most lethal bosses, in particular, you must make the most of every advantage. These enormous creatures have the power to put your soldiers to sleep, render them immobile, and then utilize destructive spells to annihilate your army. But do not panic; by utilizing smart tactics, such as switching from force-based techniques to magic combos, you may balance the advantage.

To play better

Evertale’s monsters are more than just amusing creatures. Robots, dragons, summoned creatures, skeletons, wolves, werewolves, and even samurai frogs are among them. Each has unique powers and abilities, and you can combine them all into one team. To aid you in winning battles, some species can even evolve to a higher degree. The same is true when you upgrade your units. Do you possess twenty swords that you have never used? After that, sell them for gold. If you have a number of weak characters, you can combine them to make your ally a stronger, more talented character. Along with the opportunity to speed up random combat, there are other ways to boost your stats through special events, online competition, and the player guild system.

Play with friends

Invite your friends and take part in 4v4 real-time combat if you ever feel a little alone while reading Evertale’s story. The gaming system will automatically locate opponents, but you should probably develop a strong and adaptable plan with your teammates before you enter battle to maximize your chances of success. However, a conventional role-playing game without guild aspects, like Evertale, would be dull. You can apply to join a clan or start your own and grow it from scratch. The guild missions system has a variety of alluring prizes, such as special characters and equipment. Additionally, it will be more enjoyable to converse and fight with more pals, right?


Evertale has a strong graphic history. The disastrous fights between the heroes and the forces of Pandemonium made this description of this planet seem more vivid. You’ll enjoy exploring the many exquisitely created locales, which range from destroyed settlements to deserted areas, woodlands, and monster dungeons. It is also impossible to talk about the effects and sound after this success. The player will feel excited and desire to explore more as a result of the explosions and magic that are produced throughout the conflict, which will stimulate their eyes and hearing.

MOD APK version of Evertale

MOD features

  • Continous Silver
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Countless CaptureStones
  • Continous Silver
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Countless CaptureStones

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Download Evertale MOD APK for Android

Evertale is a fantastic role-playing game with appealing aesthetics, an adventurous spirit, and brilliant design. You’ll wish that the game’s narrative went on forever, regardless of whether you’re attempting to stop a catastrophic ritual or establish your value to other players.

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