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Epic Conquest 2

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Name Epic Conquest 2
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Package com.GacoGames.EC2
Publisher Gaco Games
Category Games
Version v1.7b
Size 322M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Gold/Rubies
Introduce about Epic Conquest 2Following the success of Epic Conquest, the group of four RPG enthusiasts continued to create the sequel, ...
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Introduce about Epic Conquest 2

Following the success of Epic Conquest, the group of four RPG enthusiasts continued to create the sequel, Epic Conquest 2. There are several features from the previous game in this updated edition. It is still exciting since it also incorporates new elements and has deeper, more imaginative material. Epic Conquest 2 is a must-have if you’re looking for an RPG to indulge your interest.

Join the journey to save the world

The events of Epic Conquest 2 occur during a time of great darkness. There are monsters everywhere. They are to blame for the riots, which make everyone anxious. And as a knight, it is your duty to pursue these creatures back to hell in order to restore world peace. One of the three characters the game offers will be your starting character. Their initial powers aren’t that different, so you don’t need to second-guess your choice. Additionally, you will encounter new teammates during this treacherous and protracted adventure who will aid you in overcoming challenging obstacles and formidable foes.

Experience epic battles

The character system in Epic Conquest 2 is thoughtfully created, including the style of contemporary RPG games. Different classes of characters will each have their unique fighting style and skill set. Naturally, they weren’t accessible right away. You must complete NPC tasks and engage in combat with monsters in order to level up and acquire experience. They will eventually be unlocked. Naturally, the game system will also include more challenging objectives as the character grows. In fight, you’ll come up against a lot of foes, including bosses with great strength. The character’s skill system greatly aids in his success. includes defense, damage, and battle speed. The skills can be arranged into the appropriate placements in the left corner of the screen. Epic Conquest 2 has some really stunning and distinctive skills. It produces vibrant light rays as the characters utilize it. Of course, there are also magic, fires, explosions, and thunder to intensify the conflict.


Basically, enhanced characteristics in RPGs are designed to improve a character’s physical numbers and strength. This is not the case with Epic Conquest 2. To perform better in battle, you can increase your character’s gear. You truly need this to assist you in overcoming the NPCs’ obstacles. The primary equipment types are various kinds of weapons, armor, and other items. These all have one of the following characteristics: STR, INT, AGI, DEX, and VIT. You can therefore quickly create and select your own playing style.

Enjoy in-depth content of the RPG

The second installment in the series has more substance than Epic Conquest did. In several areas of the world, you can communicate with NPCs. They all have unique stories to share. Additionally, Epic Conquest 2 contains a ton of gorgeous and vibrant cutscenes. It will be difficult to ignore you if you are an anime enthusiast! Additionally, Epic Conquest 2 has improved its map system. You can go on adventures through villages, forests, mountains, and meadows. After the battle, you can enjoy the lovely sights around.

Use items to restore mana, health

Sometimes a character’s equipment and abilities are insufficient to win a battle. Additionally, the amount of mana he has will restrict his ability to fight, forcing him to delay recovery and continue honing his talents. And at this point, he requires the defensive, mana, power-up, or healing supplies. They are positioned in the middle of the display. To use, you only need to touch.

MOD APK version of Epic Conquest 2

MOD feature

  • Unrestricted Gold
  • Numerous Rubies

When using, don’t reduce the amount.

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Download Epic Conquest 2 APK & MOD for Android

Epic Conquest 2 is now available as an Early-Access version. When the game’s minor flaws are fixed and it runs more reliably, Gaco Game plans to release it soon. The links provided below this post allow you to download this game (original APK or MOD).

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