Endless Nightmare

Endless Nightmare

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Name Endless Nightmare
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Package endless.nightmare.horror.scary.free.android
Publisher 707 Interactive: Fun Epic Casual Games
Category Games
Version 1.1.3
Size 115M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features VIP Unlocked
Introduce about Endless NightmareFUN with 707 INTERACTIVE A well-known game distributor is Epic Casual Games. Millions of people play some of their goods every day, like Ninja's Creed and Sn...
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Introduce about Endless Nightmare

FUN with 707 INTERACTIVE A well-known game distributor is Epic Casual Games. Millions of people play some of their goods every day, like Ninja’s Creed and Sniper Honor. Its first horror game is titled Endless Nightmare. The improvements, which include new functionality, are still being developed. Let’s quickly review what you can expect from Endless Nightmare’s story before moving on to the gameplay.

Opening scene

James Douglass, a police officer, is the main character in the first massacre in Endless Nightmare. His wife and daughter were brutally killed in their own home while he was on duty outside. James was motivated by this to find the murderer, deal with him, and make him pay for the evil he committed. James unintentionally found the offender was hiding in his home while gathering evidence and trying to determine the truth. After that, unsettling events continued. James understands that he has just been sucked into a never-ending nightmare. And it appears like everything has just started.

Find the truth in your own home

As James, the protagonist of Endless Nightmare, you will search for clues to identify the killer who murdered his wife and children. Your house is also in the picture. To gather clues, you will move all over the place. The system will provide you with some suggestions regarding the location you need to visit along the process. I was told to go upstairs to the bedroom on the first expedition. A lost photo of Lisa, a scrap of newspaper, and a phone with unsolicited text messages are all present. Following these trails, I came to Lisa’s divorce note, which revealed that James and his wife had previously fought. Continuously new stuff is unlocked. Finding fresh clues will lead you to numerous locations within the house. It’s your responsibility to gather them, pack them in a backpack, and then put everything together to generate the appropriate responses. The investigation will proceed in this manner, step by step.


But you soon find that you are not the only person living here. This location is horrifying, like something out of a nightmare. There seem to be a lot of devils there. They travel through the shadowy hallways looking for life. Before the truth about the deaths of your wife and daughter is revealed, you will need to stay away from them. The demonic component of Endless Nightmare raises the level of difficulty significantly. There isn’t much time for you to explore different parts of the house. Before they catch you, you need to locate the proper hiding area and swiftly gather hints. The closet is a convenient and secure location. Through the slit, you may watch the ghosts’ movements and determine when it is best to continue your investigation.

A horror game is not for the faint of heart

As soon as the player launched the game, a notification from the developer notified them. This game contains a lot of gore and horror aspects. It mimics violent scenes, including dead bodies. As a result, athletes ought to think about if they are in poor health or morale. The content in Endless Nightmare is rated as mature.

Realistic graphics

Why do I contend that Endless Nightmare is not a game for the timid? By the time you begin the game’s first chapter, you most likely already understand the reason without my explanation. Your eyes are continuously being assaulted by a variety of terrifying elements. Bloodstains covered the walls in the dim hallways. The dolls in the corner are looking at you. The victim’s body was found in bed next to a pool of blood, a death certificate, and a pre-death letter. A blood-stained knife was in the witch’s long hair. The combination of all of that and terrifying noises made for an extremely spooky scene.

MOD APK version of Endless Nightmare

MOD feature

All purchased content has been made available to VIP members.

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Download Endless Nightmare MOD APK for Android

Endless Nightmare is a thrilling, entertaining, and full of fantastic adventure. This game will satisfy your need for excitement and novelty.

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