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Introduce about EMERGENCY HQThe battle to save and protect city residentsBackgroundControlling a special firefighter, paramedic, or possibly a police officer with superhuman skill...
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Introduce about EMERGENCY HQ

The battle to save and protect city residents


Controlling a special firefighter, paramedic, or possibly a police officer with superhuman skills is your responsibility. Along with his primary responsibility of battling fires, he has also taken on many other challenging missions like saving lives, helping animals, and fighting terrorism. Let’s take a closer look at the gameplay of this odd tactical simulation role-playing game if you’re interested.


A tactical simulation and role-playing game is called EMERGENCY HQ. However, you are the commander of an emergency fire force, not a typical civilian. The primary objective is to respond to situations that arise in the city while overseeing a vigilant team and cutting-edge vehicles. The key to winning in this game is being at the right place at the right time and acting morally at a breakneck pace. Actually, I don’t think it’s very logical to imply that you will manage the Fire Department. The Quick Response Force Manager is the proper title. Because you will be in charge of four quick response units with distinct roles and objectives at once. Depending on the circumstance, these four forces will offer the precise personnel and vehicles required to save the city’s citizens. Whatever you do, you must ultimately assist those in need and ensure everyone’s safety, including the personnel on your force. The four quick response units you are in charge of are as follows:

  • firefighters in the fire service
  • medical staff in hospitals
  • Engineer in construction for the Department of Construction
  • Officer in Self-Defense for the Police

These units’ primary duties also varied greatly from one another. Civil engineers will specialize in building facilities for the Department to respond quickly and respond to other teams when needed. Defensive police are for situations where the city encounters terrorists, attackers, or incidents involving weapons. Firefighters put out fires, doctors are in charge of the health and safety of the entire city.

There are many difficult situations, can your brain handle them?

You are in complete control. People in the city will frequently contact you with urgent information, and it will be up to you to pick which team should respond right away. Sometimes more than one unit is involved, and they work rapidly to handle the situation entirely. The amount of deployed employees in each unit when there is this combination should also be taken into account. Both too many and too few personnel will squander resources and be unbalanced and unable to deal with the issue. For instance, when terrorists invade the city, torch a building, and kidnap residents. To avert a worst-case scenario, you must dispatch the police, medics, and firefighters. Additionally, emergencies don’t always occur in a single location. However, a lot of highly painful things might also occur simultaneously. They put pressure on you to make judgments for human resource management and force you to allocate forces properly. In order to ensure that both human resources and equipment, and particularly the quality of human life in the city, are preserved once it is ended. Senior managers must constantly make equally challenging choices, such as when to provide firefighters with new equipment, how to connect pipeline faucets to city water poles to ensure the fire is put out as quickly as possible, when to add medical staff to prevent overloading but still stay within the allocated budget, when to construct new headquarters and equip the police with more modern weapons, etc. Innumerable silent scenarios occur throughout the game, leaving you perplexed as to who to send on missions. Who would detonate a time bomb, for instance? Engineer or police officer? Then, given how serious the situation is, should the others be saved before the bomb is defused? … With a game that appears to be this simple, it can be quite a headache.


MOD feature

Speed up
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Download EMERGENCY HQ APK & MOD for Android

The game is incredibly engaging thanks to its numerous brainstorming opportunities, lovely graphics, and varied, adaptable forces. You will never get tired playing a strategic game like this, I assure you. Let’s practice quick reactions! Are you prepared to work with EMERGENCY HQ to shift the wind?  

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