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Requires Android 5.0 and up
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Introduce about Easy NotesYou'll never forget anything again now that you have a smartphone reminder in your pocket!Life can be difficult at times, not because a lot of difficult problems...
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Introduce about Easy Notes

You’ll never forget anything again now that you have a smartphone reminder in your pocket!
Life can be difficult at times, not because a lot of difficult problems occur at once, but because you haven’t figured out how to effectively handle your affairs.
You want a free note-taking app that automatically refreshes your to-do lists every day? Do you want a set of bright, easy-to-read notepads that are constantly with you? Or do you simply want things to be easier, more organized, and simpler in your life? Don’t hesitate any longer; simply download Easy Notes and all of your troubles will be resolved automatically.

What is Easy Notes?

Easy Notes is a free mobile and tablet note-taking app. With the intuitive backgrounds and colors of this easy-to-use comprehensive notepad software, you can write short notes wherever you are. Easy Notes, unlike paper or notebook notes, allows you to simply edit, change changes, create sub-notes, and plan each accomplished milestone. There’s also an aesthetic (from the app’s Reminder feature) and a sound element. All of this helps you organize and prioritize your to-do list.

Easy-to-use, friendly, and intuitive interface

The UI of a note-taking app, as well as how the things are shown and presented aesthetically and vividly, are critical. Beautiful, sleek, modern, tidy, and easy-to-see note boards will catch your eye and help you concentrate. It also encourages users to review their work on a regular basis.
Your notes can be shown as a grid or a top-down list. You may also make a widget out of them. You can also change the order of these current notes by just dragging them to the appropriate spot.
As you update or input a completion time for each activity, the arrangement of tasks in each note adjusts automatically. You don’t have to think too hard; simply enter some basic information and leave the rest to Easy Notes.
For the notes and To-do-list, you can select different backdrop colors. You may even alter the backdrop textures to provide a unique look for the quick check. It is, in my opinion, both the application’s customizing ability and a feature that demonstrates the developer’s attention to the notes’ design.

Smart management of Notes and To-do-list

If you only have a few or a few dozen notes, that’s fine. But what if you have hundreds of notes per day, or if they’re divided into different types of work and span months or years (as with huge projects)? At this point, Notes’ and To-do-intelligent list’s management capabilities will be put to the test.
Before or after generating your notes, Easy Notes allows you to effortlessly categorize them into multiple tabs. Alternatively, you can set up your notes/to-do list as a calendar, which will allow them to be merged and displayed briefly on the app’s daily calendar mode. Easy Notes can automatically categorize notes and To-Do lists based on the type of work, the time of note creation, or the duration of the project. You can rapidly search for them based on these parameters if necessary.

Security and backup

A lot of your personal information can be found in notes and to-do lists. You never want them to be exposed to anyone, especially your competitors or adversaries. As a result, it is critical to place a high priority on information security or backup.
All of your notes and to-do lists are synced to Google’s cloud storage when you use Easy Notes. You don’t have to be concerned about losing your notebook if you lose your device by accident. You may also exchange notes or add new information to the notepads from anywhere on the Cloud at any moment, and then sync it back to the device or vice versa.
Easy Notes also has a password-protected Notepad Lock function that keeps your notes secret. Users can set passwords for essential notes in addition to the application lock, so that no one can access them without their permission.

Summary of Easy Notes’ note-taking features

  • Notebooks with no ads and that are free
  • Photo and audio notes, as well as a home screen notes widget
  • Notes can be pinned to the home page of a device.
  • With the widget, you may actively organize notes for convenient perusal by time, color, and category.
  • Even if you’re taking notes, you can set your computer to auto-save.
  • Sort the to-do list according to the user’s preference for chronological order.
  • Using a virtual pen and template, add notes to your document.
  • All notes and to-do lists should be backed up to the cloud.
  • In each note, set a reminder for each task.
  • Organize your notes using Notes Calendar. Timeline of to-do lists and memos
  • Colors and images for the Notes’ backdrop can be added.

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MOD APK version of Easy Notes

MOD feature

VIP Unlocked

Download Easy Notes APK & MOD for Android

Easy Notes, although being a little note-taking tool, always performs admirably in every crucial aspect. Flexible, comfortable, easy-to-see notes may now be intelligently handled, backed up, and secured with the highest level of security. This has got to be one of the most useful apps for your hectic schedule.

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