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Name EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2
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Introduce about EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2EA Sports' UFC Mobile 2—Ultimate Fighting Championship—is available for mobile devices. This is your chance to showcase your skill and outstanding e...
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Introduce about EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2

EA Sports’ UFC Mobile 2—Ultimate Fighting Championship—is available for mobile devices. This is your chance to showcase your skill and outstanding enthusiasm for the challenging sport of boxing.

Excellent 3D graphics

EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 is currently the greatest when it comes to the violence and realism of boxing battles. Each match is not merely reproduced but also authentically mimicked, often to an excessive degree. After an opponent is knocked out, you will hear a rumbling sound in the ring as well as see blood oozing from the boxer’s mouth after chin hooks or see sweat shooting into the air when initiating a deadly attack. The boxer’s biceps are incredibly stunning, as are his bleeding wounds on his face and his ferocious gaze when he enters the ring. The two terms “top-notch” fit to describe the 3D graphics. If it weren’t a game, you might mistake it for a live television fight.

Plunge into uncompromising matches

A fighting game’s plot is nothing to be expected. You simply fight and battle in this game. Your sole responsibility is to command your favorite boxers, who will then defeat rivals to claim the prestigious championship position. All of the world’s best boxers congregate in the arena in EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 to engage in a series of ferocious, massive international contests. You start out as Brad Tavares, an underwhelming middleweight fighter. However, the boxer gradually developed a muscular body, bigger and stronger, and his abilities became superior and decisive via the competitions and hours of practice. One day, you’ll be able to compete in all weight classes and make a reputation for yourself. On the mobile platform, EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 has built the biggest fighting stadiums yet. You will use your strength and powerful attacks to overcome opponents—one, two, and many more. The major objective is to become the undisputed global boxing champion.


Control a skilled fighter with a variety of combat styles, yet EA SPORTS’ UFC Mobile 2’s control scheme is surprisingly simple. Swiping across the screen shows the boxer’s heavy and light attacks; quick touches and releases launch normal attacks; touches and holds stop the opponent’s attacks; swipes in the opposite direction move the boxer back or away from a potentially harmful hit. Exactly that I was initially a little perplexed because this kind of control is both unfamiliar and unusual. In addition, I haven’t played this type of game in a long. The hand touches and presses as quickly as a god from that point on (I’m kidding, but it’s true that it only takes 1-2 matches and you’ll get used to it right away), but after fighting two bouts, I become more accustomed to it.

Ranked boxer: fast, powerful, and impressing

How would I grade this game, if you asked? Only 5 stars will do. To experience it, you must play it yourself. You can see how much fun and attractive the game is by watching the highlights on YouTube. However, that attraction will multiply when you play by yourself. Perform the tricks yourself, sweep the opponent’s foot post to cause them to miss their step, then jump to the neck clamp and deliver a short strike. That motion is being felt with intense passion. Not to mention that our boxers will mature and strengthen via the competition. Both the speed and damage of the talents have increased. You can use the training mode to create more or give your character a boost of strength if you want to advance more quickly. like an improvement for a character in a role-playing game. Even though it’s small, I like this one. The gameplay variety increases the player’s drive to advance. As if life now had a specific objective to work for.
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Download EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 APK for Android

Boxing games must contain some gore. So keep that in mind while allowing kids to play at home. I no longer have anything negative to say about the game itself: gorgeous graphics, fluid movements, realistic simulation, every combat yells blood. You should play this game right away if you enjoy boxing.

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