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Name Duskwood
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Version 1.9.9
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Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Free Shopping
Introduce about DuskwoodThe mysterious disappearance in the ...
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Introduce about Duskwood

The mysterious disappearance in the Duskwood Forest

It all started with a disappearance

Hanah has been gone for 72 hours, disappearing like a soap bubble. The entire village of Duskwood appeared to come to a stop after Hannah vanished. The surrounding area has dismal scenery by nature. If you are unfamiliar with this area, it will be too challenging to locate the village path. The dark woodland that surrounds the settlement has long been the subject of terrible lore. However, the terror merely surfaced and brought back for everyone present, the memory of the gorgeous girl Hanah’s disappearance. You two are dating each other. Through a group chat, a friend of Hannah’s informed everyone that yesterday night Hannah texted her amid the confusion where everyone had been drowning in that anxiety. Additionally, there is just one phone number listed in the message content, which is yours. Your credibility is immediately questioned. Are you courageous enough to handle the trust test? Are you prepared to identify the true offender in order to clear yourself and defend your friends?


An investigation role-playing game is called Duskwood. With merely a mobile screen, the message lines in the game constantly guide you to follow the case’s dramatic ups and downs. You’ll keep an eye on the messages, examine the information flow, use your instincts and judgment to determine whether the information is accurate, and make choices from the game’s alternatives to progressively lead your character to the truth. Your decisions and responses have an impact on the information that other people communicate to you. These details concern themselves, what they have seen and heard, as well as Hanah. In the interactive book game type, there is no such thing as winning or losing. Simply act on your thoughts by imagining yourself as Hannah’s boyfriend. Also, give your decision some thought. Why? Because what happens now could have an entirely different outcome tomorrow. You will gather buried evidence and unravel the mysteries behind Hannah’s disappearance through conversing with each person, as well as through the photographs, parameters, and data acquired from each friend associated to Hannah. Remember to add new pals to obtain more crucial information. However, use caution because it will be challenging for you to trust anyone but yourself in this perplexing situation. Your judgment will be clouded if you rely on the incorrect sources for information, and the investigation will swiftly reach a dead end. Be 100 times more lucid and wise!

Special character

You’ll need to pay close attention to a special character temporarily going by the name of Hacker on your quest to discover the truth. This individual, who prefers to remain nameless, is always private. He never says anything about himself or his relationship with Hannah, not even the slightest detail. As a result, it appears that this individual is the one who has the most knowledge and relevant information to aid in your search for the solution. He is also the one that actively got in touch with you to ask for your help in finding Hanah before it’s too late and to offer information. He even provides you with decryption software so you can access Hannah’s iCloud and view the images, data, and hints. Pay close attention to this man; given his enthusiasm, it’s possible that he has some connection to the disappearance.

Words are fear, silence is an obsession

Both detective aspects and terrifying, enigmatic details can be found in Duskwood. But overall, it still evokes in players a sense of intrigue, excitement, and tension, especially when they are texting in a silent environment. When a new message arrives, only the words are displayed, and a beep is heard. More ominous and threatening than any ghostly sound was that silence. You frequently have to rub your eyes to read and read again when there is a new case detail since it is unbelievable. It can be a surprising disclosure of Hannah’s covert relationship, or it might be that someone happened to witness Hannah with strange expressions moments before she vanished. You might assume that every word you read has a soul, and those souls are the most eerie ones you can imagine. You are being threatened through video calls, private images, and private files transferred back and forth on your phone as the indications are gradually disclosed. In terms of mental dread, a missing tale has never been as horrific as it is in this game. However, that vile, oppressive drama is what gives rise to Duskwood’s orgasmic devotion. You won’t return once you have read your initial messages on your phone’s screen. Also, keep in mind to use caution when conveying any messages or offering any counsel. One of your buddies might pass away occasionally solely as a result of your odd statement. And you yourself could face danger at any time. Additionally, your phone will vibrate each time someone in the game calls you on a video call. Mom! It’s a very unsettling experience, especially if you play it around midnight.

MOD APK version of Duskwood

MOD feature

Free Purchasing


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Download Duskwood MOD APK for Android

The game is soundless and visually empty. Only text, information, choices, photographs, and a few video calls are available. However, it guarantees that the complex detective story and eerie mystery (behind the disappearance you’re trying to solve) will give you the chills long after you’ve finished it.

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