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Name Dungeon Village 2
Updated On
Package net.kairosoft.android.bouken2
Publisher Kairosoft
Category Games
Version 1.3.3
Size 36M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Crystals/Town Points
Introduce about Dungeon Village 2By letting users create a fantastical village and send heroes to battle vicious monsters, the game is meant to win over players. Kairosoft has made available...
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Introduce about Dungeon Village 2

By letting users create a fantastical village and send heroes to battle vicious monsters, the game is meant to win over players. Kairosoft has made available Dungeon Village2, the sequel to its original Dungeon Village game, eight years after the original was first made available. I’ll give a brief description of Dungeon Village 2 and the APK file in this article. Of course, you are welcome to download and use it for nothing at all!


Building a village and an army of heroes is the objective of Dungeon Village2, as was described in the introduction. Beasts are growing. They disrupt people’s lives and are present everywhere. They will be destroyed by the heroes in your hamlet, stopping terrible things in their tracks. Yet how? This is a query that plenty of players have. Even though you are unskilled and new, you shouldn’t be concerned about this. You should first concentrate on constructing a village that offers a range of services and utilities. That will entice new occupants and heroes to settle down. Although the residents contribute to the success of the hamlet, we are only concerned with the heroes in this instance. A hero will work for you once he enters the scene. That implies that you can assign him duties like exploring dungeons and ruins or taking on enemies. And if he makes any money on that adventure, he’ll bring it back to your village to help it develop and flourish even more. In truth, there are a variety of strategies to boost your community’s reputation. You can plan events in addition to difficult excursions to grab people’s attention and ultimately entice more heroes to relocate here. Additionally, new material will be unlocked, reputation points will considerably rise, and your town will be able to receive a five-star rating when it has a large number of heroes.

Organize challenging expeditions

The most thrilling aspect of Dungeon Village 2 is exploration. After selecting a site, you’ll send some of the village’s heroes there to conquer it. This is meant in two ways. To preserve human peace, it is first necessary to exterminate the monsters. The second is to assemble booty in order to advance the settlement. These will undoubtedly earn you reputation points! The quest system in Dungeon Village 2 is another feature. As I previously mentioned, you can still play this game rapidly because the tasks will outline your needs and your options. Quests also provide rewards and experience. It can help you create your heroes.


In all honesty, the game’s missions are enjoyable, but the difficulty spikes very soon. Even when you send the most capable heroes to the adventure, they occasionally cannot return triumphant. You need to either seek more support at that point or work on making them stronger. In Dungeon Village2, a variety of equipment kinds have been added with new models since the game’s initial release. Equipment like weapons and armor can be acquired during combat or purchased from a shop. They can be used by heroes to improve their health, strength, and defense. The modifications will be thoroughly explained. Double-clicking the character will display the information so you may check them.


Numerous characters in Dungeon Village 2 can be controlled. When you have greater reputation, they will immediately find your town even though it is not accessible. Humans or monsters may appear as the characters. Each variety has its own distinct qualities and traits. This indicates that the effectiveness of the combat will rely on the characters you have selected to join. You can double-tap on a character to view information about them. Naturally, the system will provide you some background data and let you communicate with those who want to migrate to your community. You can decide to agree or remove them based on that.

Classic pixel art

The majority of games were created in 2D using the traditional pixel format about 20 years ago. However, even in this day and age of cutting-edge Unreal graphics technologies, pixel graphics are still incredibly common. Through the design of the location and characters, Dungeon Village 2 has demonstrated these distinctive aesthetic qualities. Dungeon Village 2’s graphic design is likewise incredibly adorable. I admire this even though it’s not very effective. Most likely, you’ll enjoy it as well!

MOD APK version of Dungeon Village 2

MOD features

  • Unrestricted funds
  • Numerous Crystals
  • Countless Town Points
  • Unrestricted funds
  • Numerous Crystals
  • Countless Town Points


grows as you utilize it.
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Download Dungeon Village 2 MOD APK for Android

Do you enjoy seeking out perilous spots to find treasure? Do you enjoy planning battles and monster-hunting activities for heroes? Let’s play Kairosoft’s fantastic simulation game Dungeon Village 2 together. One of the top 2D pixel simulation games now on the market is this one. To overcome the most hazardous dungeons and ruins and gather loot, enter Dungeon Village 2!

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