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Introduce about DumpsterRecover deleted videos, restore photos, undelete recently deleted apps, and other files!As you may know, the "Recycle Bin" option on a computer is more th...
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Introduce about Dumpster

Recover deleted videos, restore photos, undelete recently deleted apps, and other files!

As you may know, the “Recycle Bin” option on a computer is more than just a temporary storage location for deleted files. It’s also a site to recover files and any files of any format, as well as a software to help recover deleted information files, photos, and videos. You simply need to restore them if you want them back. Will a software like Recycle Bin on PC be necessary on a smartphone used every day with the main function of listening, calling, communicating, sending messages, and hundreds of other multitasking? Yes, it is correct. What happens if you delete an important photo or video on your phone by accident? You won’t be able to get it back unless your phone includes a feature comparable to the Recycle Bin on a computer. And Dumpster can help you with that.

Restore everything just deleted, with fast speed, safe security throughout the process

Dumpster will rescue you from this predicament by quickly and completely restoring what you just destroyed. Everything you’ve deleted is in one place with Dumpster. When you first start the program, everything is properly shown on the device as a simple folder, which fully displays all of the data files that you have just removed. Any extension will be present in Dumpster, regardless of the file format. Then simply select the file recovery option, and your deleted videos, images, recently deleted data, or essential files that were unintentionally erased will be restored with their original capacity and quality in seconds.

Working mechanism

Dumpster is based on the principles of flexible cloud storage and clever algorithms that dive deep into multimedia platforms, all while providing top-notch security. These three critical components combine to form a practical, functional Dumpster that can securely store and recover erased files. Any files destroyed will be saved to Dumpster as soon as you install Dumpster on your phone. Everything you remove will be saved on Dumpster’s cloud storage, which is secure, has lots of space, and won’t slow down your current phone’s performance or memory. Even if you haven’t used it in a long time, you can recover it totally at any time.

Dumpster also has the following outstanding points

Dumpster’s unique feature is that it does not require you to be connected to the Internet or root your device in order to restore the files you erased. This app also uses very little battery, takes up very little space, and has no effect on the other apps on your phone. There’s also a lock screen on Dumpster. This function will keep your phone safe and secure. Even if someone wants to remove files from your phone and discovers that you have Dumpster installed, they won’t be able to see the deleted file because they won’t be able to visit the program screen. This lock screen function is really unique, and using it in the event that your phone is penetrated by others will provide you with complete peace of mind. Only you have access to Dumpster’s secure access code, which is a 4-digit sequence that allows you to see deleted files directly and choose which files to permanently delete or restore the status quo. The interface for storing and controlling Dumpster is fairly straightforward. It’s not much different than organizing folders on a computer. Minimalist design, easy-to-read subtitles, bright colors, a flexible directory tree, and a variety of ways to show the interface. Even if it’s their first time, I’m confident that everyone can use Dumpster.

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MOD APK version of Dumpster

MOD feature

Unlocked Premium

Download Dumpster APK & MOD for Android

Dumpster is now the most popular program for recovering deleted images, with over 50 million downloads and numerous positive reviews. You no longer have to be concerned about accidently destroying essential films, images, or files from your phone. You can quickly and easily restore your data, videos, and photos using this fantastic app.

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