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Dude Theft Wars

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Name Dude Theft Wars
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Package com.PoxelStudios.DudeTheftAuto
Publisher Poxel Studios Games
Category Action
Size 183M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Dude Theft WarsDo you desire to act badly once? In some video games, the dark side of us can reappear when we simply touch our hands to control the character. You simply want...
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Introduce about Dude Theft Wars

Do you desire to act badly once? In some video games, the dark side of us can reappear when we simply touch our hands to control the character. You simply want to act irrationally and destroy the world by breaking all the rules. A game that brings out everyone’s naughty side is Dude Theft Wars.

The plot is for everyone, also quite worth thinking about

Being raised in a typical environment, subjected to typical standards, and experiencing typical relationships can occasionally be boring. As a result, you may find yourself wanting to rebel and leave the company of regular people in order to do strange things. For a young, crazy, rebellious, and brave nature, Jack is a classic example of a young guy. Jack has issues only by itself. In the ironic sense of disdain, Jack is frequently referred to as a can-be-anyone and a can-become-anyone in English. Jack is very neurotic, but he also believes that he is attractive and capable of anything. On a lovely day, the man suddenly realized that there are some decent ways to escape the meaningless existence he is leading. When no one is home, for instance, you can completely remove some objects from a neighbor’s house. If the road is too empty, you can drive it at breakneck speed. Everything can be destroyed, even your neighbor’s home and public structures. Jack even taught a few young people who later joined his group to rob banks.

Gameplay has nothing to say because it is so simple

You can travel to any location in the city in the open world that Jack created. You are capable of driving, driving while intoxicated, running, and a variety of other activities. However, it’s fascinating to note that the only thing you have to do to choose the character’s location on the phone is to tap the screen’s corners. The character decides how to proceed based on the scene and circumstances. Going to a neighbor’s house to collect video tapes is often the first scenario when you plan to do anything bad, for instance. Jack will automatically display a hand icon on the screen if he needs to retrieve something. Simply touch the hand icon and hold your finger there to the location where you need to move the tape to complete when playing on a phone in one-touch mode. The same is true of Jack’s other wicked schemes in the scenes that follow. You will have money following each successful incidence (with escalating levels). Use that money to acquire new vehicles, tanks, boats, clothing, and accessories. Even a sizable casino can be purchased. become the city’s top gangster.

The satirical took everything to a climax

This game has highlighted the character of human beings, always wanting to rebel, always wanting to destroy, smash principles, conventions, and sometimes want to do something awful, with just a few doodles like a painting done by toddlers. Each person has that nature always skulking in the shadows. If you just get the chance and some allies, it becomes more ferocious and lethal than before. Dude Theft Wars has 3D pixel color blocks combined up with a vintage 32-bit graphic design. This, in my opinion, was a wise decision on the part of the maker, who was able to both generate the satire that belonged in the game and to produce Jack’s erratic, shaky steps, which represented its warped soul. However, some people may not be able to “sense” these pictures. In fact, you might not be very interested in this game if you are used to playing detailed 3D games. In some of Jack’s heartbreaking scenes, the music is lively and really energetic. Enjoy the scene as Jack fights with the cops and throws explosives at them in an attempt to blow up the entire city. Jack is insane, but like the Joker, he wants an audience, someone to celebrate with, and to be insane in front of the entire world.

MOD APK version of Dude Theft Wars

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: When you use money, its value does not diminish. Remember, you must have enough cash to buy something. Therefore, you should start by purchasing inexpensive products and look for ways to make extra money.

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Download Dude Theft Wars MOD APK for Android

For the early missions, you can play this game solo. But if you want to have fun, I suggest playing online with pals. You need a sufficient number of gang members to carry out criminal deeds like taunting the police, trashing streets, and stealing banks because the game features a number of challenging missions. revealing, the Online style of play allows for a maximum of 15 players. Quite intriguing, huh?

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