Drone : Shadow Strike 3

Drone : Shadow Strike 3

Tilting Point

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Name Drone : Shadow Strike 3
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Package com.reliancegames.drones3
Publisher Tilting Point
Category Action
Version 1.25.111
Size 309M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Drone : Shadow Strike 3Many developers today opt to create goods based on the topic of war as the entertainment business expands. Drone: One of them is ...
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Introduce about Drone : Shadow Strike 3

Many developers today opt to create goods based on the topic of war as the entertainment business expands. Drone: One of them is Shadow Strike 3. It is published by Tilting Point in the action subgenre with a reconnaissance plane piloting simulation as the central plot. You will take part in this game as a soldier in a bloody conflict. You will be given commanders to carry out a variety of tasks, including destroying enemy bases. Are you prepared to fight? Start fighting right away by downloading Drone: Shadow Strike 3 to your Android device!

Get ready for your mission!

As soon as you sign up for Drone: Shadow Strike3, you are given the order to pilot a reconnaissance plane and guard the army’s men as they attempt to sneak into the opposing base. Additionally, this is the primary objective of the entire game. In fact, I discovered that Zombie Gunship Survival and Drone: Shadow Strike 3 are extremely similar. Additionally, if you’ve already played this game, it’s simple to mistake Drone: Shadow Strike 3 for a previous version. But that’s not exactly the case. The game is enjoyable and has its unique features. There are several elements in the mission system, such as events and real-time PvP mode. There is so much to look forward to with this! As you get further into the material of Drone: Shadow Strike3, the objectives become more challenging. There are more targets, and they are harder and faster to destroy. Accuracy and quickness of aim are the main game mechanics. It is comparable to Zombie Gunship Survival in this regard. You will need to exert complete control while attempting to succeed in each mission that is given to you.

How to control

Even first-time gamers of Drone: Shadow Strike 3 can quickly grasp the controls because they are so basic. The two main functionalities of the game’s console are weapon selection and fire. You will move the camera cum viewfinder of the plane to shoot more precisely. You can see the targets that need to be destroyed because the camera is equipped with infrared gadgets. You tap on the target to lock it, then you click the bullet icon to fire. The entire process will be automated.

Professional reconnaissance aircraft system

There are 10 aircraft models in Drone: Shadow Strike 3 at the moment. You can test them in the workshop because they were created using real models (Hangar). You are automatically given the MQ-1 Predator aircraft to complete the job. To unlock new models like the XQ-52, MQ-9 Predator, Sea Avenger, or Bayraktar TB2, however, you must first earn the campaign bonus. Each plane has a different cost. Dollar coins or in-game gold can be used to make purchases. Of course, a plane will have more features, power, and customization the more expensive it is. Keep in mind that you can only acquire the MQ-1C Gray Eagle model in the workshop if you are an experienced player.

Upgrade and customize

You need a strong plane and sufficient ability to finish the assignments as they become harder. And in this case, we’re not referring to the important aspect. As you play more games, you can grow as a person. Instead, we’ll discuss enhancing and personalizing the aircraft that you will fly. Drone: The upgrade feature is included with Shadow Strike 3. The fundamental statistics of each aircraft are stealth, radar, defense, reload speed, and firepower. These stats will increase in level as you upgrade, providing you many advantages in combat. Additionally, you can change or add armaments to your jet to make it more unique. There are three different categories of weapons: cannons, firearms, and rockets.

MOD APK version of Drone : Shadow Strike 3

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: In games, money is a hassle. And in order to address them, we offer this MOD APK version. You can buy more powerful weaponry and sophisticated aircraft.

How to use?

Before starting the game, you must turn off your Internet connection to prevent blocking and preventing adverts.
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Download Drone : Shadow Strike 3 MOD APK for Android

Terrorists are destroying the globe. Join Drone: Shadow Strike 3, join the army, and eliminate the terrorists right now!

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