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Drama Serial “Dunk” is stealing hearts

App Name Drama Serial “Dunk” is stealing hearts
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Update February 5, 2021

With every passing episode, the drama serial “Dunk” is becoming more and more thrilling. The thriller masterpiece “Dunk” has come out recently, yet it’s ruling the screens. Bilal Abbas, Yasra Rizvi, and Noman Ijaz power-packed performances left everyone stunned.


Bilal Abbas performance in “Dunk” so far

Bilal Abbas

BilalAbbas is playing the character of Haider in the drama serial. Although he is given less screen space until now, but his realistic expressions and exceptional acting make people fall in love with his character. Bilal is being praised for his natural expressions and perfect delivery of dialogues. Audience expectations from Haider (Bilal Abbas Khan) are high!

Yasra Rizvi performance in “Dunk” so far


Yasra Rizvi in dunk

Yasra Rizvi is playing another applauded character from the drama. She is the wife of professor Humayun, who has died in the most recent episode. As Yasra is known for her bold character-play, the character she plays in “Dunk” truly reflect Yasra’s personality. The audiences admired her dialogue delivery and expressions in the latest scene of the professor’s death.

Most praised episode of “Dunk” so far


The 7th episode of this drama serial became most popular. After its release, the social media platforms were flooded with praise and admiration from the fans. The episode portrayed a sensitive part of the drama story.

After the professor’s death, people from the neighborhood and college refused to carry the janaza for burial procedure. Her wife (Yasra Rizvi) lifted the janaza with three other men and headed to the graveyard. However, Haider (Bilal Abbas Khan) appeared dramatically in the scene and changed the place with the professor’s wife.

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