Dragons: Rise of Berk

Dragons: Rise of Berk

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Name Dragons: Rise of Berk
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MOD Features Unlimited Runes
Introduce about Dragons: Rise of BerkDreamWorks Animation produces the well-known animated series How to Train Your Dragon. Its focus is on Berk, the home of the Vikings and dragons. This mo...
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Introduce about Dragons: Rise of Berk

DreamWorks Animation produces the well-known animated series How to Train Your Dragon. Its focus is on Berk, the home of the Vikings and dragons. This movie has inspired many game developers to make fantastic games. The most notable of these is Dragons: Rise of Berk, which Ludia exclusively released and has amassed more than 10 million Google Play installs. Dragons: Rise of Berk’s material is heavily influenced by the second chapter of How to Train Your Dragon. Along with acquiring and raising new dragons, you will work alongside Hiccup and Toothless to defend Berk from invasion.


The Vikings had a custom of slaying dragons in the past, which was a reflection of each individual’s courage and maturity. However, Hiccup, the patriarch’s son, stood out to make amends so that the Vikings and dragons could coexist together. Many other Vikings, though, disagree. Hiccup and Toothless came into conflict with a party of dragon hunters while exploring a new area. Drago, the nefarious antagonist, is the head of it. He endangered the land and the dragons when he returned to Berk after following Hiccup there. What steps will Hiccup take to defend his home country and the things he cherishes?


Protecting Berk and rescuing the dragon eggs are your two main objectives in Dragons: Rise of Berk. You must train dragons because they are the primary combatants in the conflict if you want Berk to be secure. However, the majority of dragons are not accessible when you initially start the game. Using the “Book of Dragons,” you will go to new places and then look for dragon eggs. The process of incubation must then begin in order for the eggs to hatch. You can spawn the young dragons in many places across the island. Fish is their preferred diet, and as they level up, they will get bigger. A typical dragon earned new skills as it leveled up. Fishing, gathering supplies for the island, and learning new combat techniques are all included in this. As for Toothless, he also learned how to go to farther-off places. More dragons are available to him as he advances in level. Therefore, keep your attention on developing Toothless so that Berk becomes the region with the greatest number of dragons.

A lot of dragons

More than 40 different types of dragons from How to Train Your Dragon are featured in the game Rise of Berk. The story’s main character is Toothless, who is joined by Hiccup and Light Fury. These individuals will travel with Toothless as he sets out in pursuit of dragon eggs in uncharted territory. The “Book of Dragons” has all the relevant information and mentions all the lands. But there are two things that need to be made clear. To begin with, Toothless must be updated to enhance searchability. Second, in order to accommodate new members, Berk needs to be improved, enhanced, and enlarged. Wood, fish, and runes are necessary supplies for these tasks. Dragons will also automatically assist you in gathering ingredients. Enjoy dragons? Let’s try Hungry Dragon and Dragon City from our website.

Upgrade your island

When you upgrade dragons, Berk will always have restrictions. Dragons are directly impacted by two major structures: Meade Hall and the Academy. The dragons can only reach level 12 if these two structures are updated and enlarged, and Berk can only construct two barns for the dragons to live in. When the Academy achieves particular levels, an upgrade to Meade Hall will be necessary. While this is going on, Academy won’t be improved until Berk has enough Vikings House. Additionally, once the Academy is big enough, you can construct brand-new stables for dragons. They will be taken into the Hangar if not.

The Arena

Along with finding and raising dragons, you may also use them in battle to fend off dragon hunters and invading forces trying to reach Berk. The game often consists of team, turn-based, and tactical fights. You pick a squad of three warriors and go in pursuit of an opposing squad. When you select the fighting skill for each dragon individually and then the target you want to attack, the gameplay is pretty straightforward. Every dragon is represented by a card. They possess unique stats and skills. Additionally, you can upgrade them to increase their fighting skills and toughness.

MOD APK version of Dragons: Rise of Berk

MOD feature

Unlimited Runes: In Dragons: Rise of Berk, the primary form of currency is the rune. The majority of tasks, including purchasing supplies, energy, upgrading, and training dragons, can be completed using runes. You can also try other applications like Hunter Assassin 2, BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION, and Monster Legends.

Download Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK for Android

You can have a true adventure about battling dragons in Dragons: Rise of Berk. At the same time that they are defending Berk from the dragon hunters, Hiccup and Toothless are looking for new species. Please use the links provided below the article to download this game if you enjoyed the film How to Train Your Dragon.

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