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Introduce about DRAGON QUEST VIIIGet lost once more in the fascinating world of DRAGON QUEST!About Dragon Quest VIIISometimes, playing a game will be more intriguing if we are awa...
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Introduce about DRAGON QUEST VIII

Get lost once more in the fascinating world of DRAGON QUEST!

About Dragon Quest VIII

Sometimes, playing a game will be more intriguing if we are aware of the obscure details of its past. Similarly to Dragon Quest VIII, which took a while to create before being released on mobile and tablet:

  • The PS2 version of Dragon Quest VIII was released for the first time in the end of 2004, which is almost 20 years ago.
  • Akira Toriyama, the creator of the venerable manga series Dragon Balls, is the character portraying the role of developing Dragon Quest VIII.

These two pieces of information are sufficient to arouse excitement and restlessness in long-time PS2 enthusiasts as well as in newcomers to the gaming community. Now let’s investigate this game to see whether it changes on a mobile device.


You may read “The Adventures of a Cursed King” on the game’s poster if you look at it. This slogan hinted at the game’s attractive main character in part. Dragon Quest VIII tells the story of a collection of heroes’ journeys, which at first glance appear unrelated:

  • A youthful warrior, also an unknown horseman, who is the only one who is untouched by the kingdom’s curse.
  • King Trode has now been transformed by a clown into an odd half-frog, half-human being.
  • Princess Medea also received the curse of becoming a horse.

Because the evil clown Dhoulmagus has obtained the wand that has been sealed for a millennium in the castle of the kingdom of Trodain, things ought to be bad. He cast the magic to transform the entire kingdom into an immovable tree after “dealing” with the two leaders of the nation, and then he departed. The trio that was just named will have to search for the evil clown, figure out how to end the curse, and restore the kingdom’s natural order. Along with these primary individuals, the group also picked up several new members on the quest. Everyone has a history and a backstory, but they all want to murder the clown and get revenge on the victim.

Classic game with JRPG style

In Dragon Quest VIII, the role-playing character is quite elaborate and conventional. Each participant will pick a role-playing character. The duties and skills of each character vary. Some people excel at close quarters battle, some excel at providing strong rear support, and yet others have the ability to use magic. Our characters will line up, engage in turn-based combat, and seek out ways to eliminate foes in order to advance to higher enhancement levels. However, the Psyche up system in Dragon Quest VIII is what sets it apart. With the use of this power, your character can decide to forgo a turn of movement in order to conserve energy and then deal a devastatingly decisive strike later. The battle system in Dragon Quest VIII is another draw for players. Players have the option to select from a variety of defensive and offensive strategies in the game. Put the warriors on the squad in the positions you believe are appropriate. Fight turn-based and use the opportunity to unleash severe assaults at the appropriate moment to end the contest. When playing Dragon Quest VIII, battles will sometimes pop up as you go around the world. There are several unique monsters that can travel around the map and that you can touch and engage in combat with if you so choose. You will get extra experience points to level up following each victory. The character will have unique skill points at each level. The decision of which of each character’s five primary skills to develop will continue to be up to you. Your character will receive a new ability that will be helpful for the forthcoming challenging match after a skill reaches a certain level (determined by the game). The experience is constantly intriguing and never dull because to the system’s extensive cast of characters, upgrades, and enhancements. Simply playing will entice you to test the strength of your character. One of the best incentives for gamers to keep plowing in Dragon Quest VIII is this.

How is Dragon Quest VIII on mobile different from the original on PS2?

The PS2 version of Dragon Quest VIII uses entirely 3D graphics together with cel-shading techniques to give the impression that the game is a cartoon. The maker has made a few minor adjustments to the controls and graphics of the game for mobile devices in order to lower the minimal load on the game’s size and accommodate the user-friendly touch mechanism of smartphones. The game mechanics have been altered to make them more appropriate, and the artwork has also been slightly toned down from the original. However, Dragon Quest VIII still seems to have depth on modern smartphones and keeps almost all of its natural graphic colors. You will find numerous new regions in a kingdom that seems to be from a dream as you follow a group of heroes. There were innumerable dungeons, seascapes, vast pastures, and ice mountains, among other natural features. You can move about the map nearly at will when controlling the character. On mobile, Dragon Quest VIII has remained the same and performed admirably; in fact, it is currently outperforming a number of other open-world adventure games. Fans of the music agree that it is very delightful. Because they all originate from the outstanding composer Koichi Sugiyama, they are still the same blue melodies that you heard on the original. When Dragon Quest VIII is played on a mobile device, the control scheme likewise becomes more clear and simple. It has been integrated with virtual navigation buttons and personal menus that contain the complete complement of available tools and abilities. One feature that has always been unique to Dragon Quest VIII on mobile is the option to change the degree of rotation in all directions.


MOD feature

Unrestricted funds
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It might be argued that Dragon Quest VIII is the best JRPG game available for mobile devices due to its maturity, a complex and rich structure, and the depth of its plot.

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