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Dragon City

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Name Dragon City
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Package es.socialpoint.DragonCity
Publisher Social Point
Category Casual
Version 22.3.3
Size 151M
Requires Android
MOD Features One Hit
Introduce about Dragon CityMany of the popular games produced by Social Point include Monster Legends and World Chef. And I'll also introduce you to ...
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Introduce about Dragon City

Many of the popular games produced by Social Point include Monster Legends and World Chef. And I’ll also introduce you to Dragon City, another one of its wildly popular games, in this piece. Are you familiar with the film How to Train Your Dragon? After countless years of conflict, humans and dragons have coexisted peacefully on a sizable island. Dragons can be trained, kept as pets, and ridden anywhere in the world.

Build your dragon island

Your primary objective in this game is to construct and maintain a dragon island. This lovely island is soaring in the air. You can optionally construct islands and embellish them, clearing away rocks or trees to make more room for the island. Dragons are categorized according to several elements, including fire, water, earth, nature, thunder, and so on. You must create the ideal habitat for them based on those factors in order to facilitate egg hatching.

Dragon Book

The name of your dragon library is Dragon Book. More than 500 different species of dragons are currently included in Dragon Book, and this number is steadily rising through weekly updates. There are no myths about dragons or reasons why we should raise an army of them, yet the excitement felt while waiting for a rare dragon egg to hatch is real. Each dragon has undergone a variety of evolutionary stages. When they reach the necessary level, they can evolve. Your dragon’s stats are considerably improved during evolution, and a more unique skill is also unlocked. Don’t forget to give them the gem by Rune feature as well.

Create legend dragons

To produce a new dragon with the traits of both parents, you can crossbreed two dragons. For instance, if a fire dragon and a water dragon are crossed, the result is a dragon with both fire and water abilities. Dragon City includes several uncommon characteristics in addition to the common ones, like myths, shadows, light, and stories. Obtain all of the Dragon Books to become the Dragon Master.

PvP battles

The game lets you take part in the PvP arena once you acquire the necessary level. This is where you battle other dragon players or the game’s AI while using your strongest dragons. When you succeed, you will get a lot of worthwhile gifts, including gold and dragon eggs. A dragon may be used three times throughout a game. Use the characteristics of the opposing team’s dragons to help you decide on your formation. A water dragon, for instance, is a good choice if the adversary has a large number of fire dragons. Additionally, use the spheres in every game to see how your dragon is enhanced by doing so.

Stunning graphics

Dragon City’s description of Dragon Island as a fairyland is exquisite. crisp visuals and many colors in 3D graphics. What particularly amazed me was how adorable and wonderful the game’s dragon designs were. You benefit greatly from each of these elements.

MOD APK version of Dragon City

MOD feature

  • 1 Hit
  • Break Turn
  • 1 Hit
  • Break Turn


The game runs without issue on Android 11. You can also try other applications like Asphalt Nitro, Merge Master, and 60 Seconds! Reatomized.

Download game Dragon City APK & MOD for Android

You can nurture dragons on your island in the highly intriguing game called Dragon City APK. A game for dragon enthusiasts who desire to possess rare dragons. You must play this game if you enjoy How to Train Your Dragon’s charming dragons.

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