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Name Dragon City 2
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Package game.dragoncity2
Publisher Parrotgames
Category Games
Version 0.11.2
Size 139M
Requires Android 7.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Food
Introduce about Dragon City 2Make a city in the skies where all dragons can live. Have you ever desired to realize this goal?BackgroundYou'll be allowed to see the enigmatic islan...
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Introduce about Dragon City 2

Make a city in the skies where all dragons can live. Have you ever desired to realize this goal?


You’ll be allowed to see the enigmatic island while following the protagonist who aspires to become the ultimate Dragon Master. Many different kinds of dragons and other enigmatic creatures exist; they can be kind and cuddly or hostile, powerful, and excellent fighters. On the island itself, you will be directed to directly encounter and defeat these legendary species.

Discover and care for dragons on your own island

Don’t focus too much on the fighting; Dragon City 2’s players fall in love with the hunt for, care for, and training of the Dragon. You have the option to combine and breed dragons in the game to produce new, intriguing, distinctive, and powerful species. This new breed will exploit both the mother and the father as they mature and improve their fighting skills. You will watch as they develop day by day, pick up skills, and receive daily care as they grow up from the moment they lay still in the egg until they hatched into a baby dragon. You will eventually control a powerful dragon army. They will battle alongside you in the thrilling wild wars to maintain the stability of the Dragon kingdom. Based on the specific strength index of each animal, you must pay close attention to the mutuality of the species when battling. You can quickly and cleanly terminate the fight and bring more new dragons home if you identify the correct weak spot and send in a good dragon.

Evolution, characteristics of each Dragon species

In comparison to Dragon City, there has been a small evolution. Dragons will eventually improve in the game through the process of being cared for, fed, and in some cases, through combat.

  • Rock from Terra to Terra
  • Flame to Flamingo
  • From Ocean to Sea

There will be a total of 11 distinct evolutionary levels for each species of dragon. Level 11 is regarded as the pinnacle of superiority.

The skill of each Dragon species

Each level of a dragon’s species has its own unique fighting technique. The four skills that Flamion, for instance, will have are Flying Kick, Soot, Flaming Arrow, and Nuclear Hit. The dragon can select from a variety of fighting techniques according on the circumstances, the strength of the enemy side, and the player’s own strategy. Gaining a lot of victories enables you to acquire new abilities that boost each dragon species’ fighting prowess.

Feed the dragon and expand the farming range

Each dragon breed has a unique set of strength indications when it is born. These indications will develop more fully with time if given proper care and attention. And when it reaches a particular level, it will automatically upgrade to the following level with higher stats and a softer increase. For instance, the Vesuvian dragon has a very high essence of life index, medium Attack and Defense values, and somewhat low Speed and S.Attack stats. However, these indications can eventually increase if well nourished and raised. When your dragons grow bigger, though, it won’t be enough to simply feed them; otherwise, this aerial island will become congested. To give them an opportunity to grow better and more freely, you will need to simultaneously nurse, breed new dragons, reinforce, build new cages, and expand the Dragon City in the skies. You may also download the first section, Dragon City, from IPHONESIDE.

The more you play, the more open the dragon world becomes

More than 100 different types of dragons can be found in Dragon City 2. Numerous more species can be bred from there. Every dragon species and every degree within each species are presented in a stunning, crystal-clear, vibrant, in-depth, and charming manner. The number of dragon breeds that can be bred increases as Dragon City grows. By consistently defeating your adversaries, you’ll also gain access to other islands and, eventually, the entire Dragon Kingdoms. Once you’ve assembled a formidable dragon force, you can use them to play in other game modes, such as Dragon Quest’s perilous quests or the PvP arena’s battles with other Dragon Masters.

MOD APK version of Dragon City 2

MOD feature

  • Unrestricted funds
  • No End to Food
  • Unrestricted funds
  • No End to Food


When you spend, neither food nor money get any less.
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Download Dragon City 2 APK & MOD for Android

create a sizable Dragon Island in the skies, form a band of dragon warriors to go into fight everywhere, and raise, breed, hatch, and collect dragons. Only Dragon City 2 has all of those entertaining features, so download it right away and start playing.