Door Kickers: Action Squad

Door Kickers: Action Squad

Killhouse Games

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Name Door Kickers: Action Squad
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Package com.khg.actionsquad
Publisher Killhouse Games
Category Action
Version 1.2.1
Size 57M
Requires Android
MOD Features Unlimited Ammo/Stars, Unlocked All Chapters
Introduce about Door Kickers: Action SquadRecently, strange things have been occurring. It indicates that terrorist groups are once again active in the USA. Nowhere City was their initial ba...
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Introduce about Door Kickers: Action Squad

Recently, strange things have been occurring. It indicates that terrorist groups are once again active in the USA. Nowhere City was their initial base of operations. You were sent here as a SWAT member to stop it from spreading elsewhere. The future of the country will be decided by your talent and bravery in the next days.


Even though Door Kickers: Action Squad is only a 2D game with a hint of retro classic aesthetic, you will quickly become enthralled by the dramatic gameplay it offers. You will take on the role of a SWAT unit commander in Single Mission. Your objective is to enter the terrorists’ territory and free the hostages who are being taken hostage. The combat, however, will be fought in the dark because the locations of your assignment lack a generator. Each SWAT member has a spotlight on their weapon. When they notice someone moving, they will immediately start firing. Although such a quick response is advantageous, it also carries the risk of killing the hostages. You should pay closer attention to how each SWAT moves for the reasons outlined above. The game provides instructions; all you have to do is touch and drag to choose a team member’s path on the screen. This control may appear straightforward, but you’ll quickly realize that in a map with lots of terrorists, choosing the wrong way or positioning SWAT will be a significant problem.

Is it merely an action game?

Although it seems reasonable, Door Kickers: Action Squad is not truly the case. In addition to having a numerical advantage, terrorists who are armed with explosive explosives and machine guns are also smarter and more dangerous. Even if a SWAT is skilled in fighting, can he hold his own against foes who are familiar with the terrain? It’s possible that you already know the solution, in which case team tactics should be your top priority. Don’t remove a member of the group solely for exploration or combat. He instantly passed away as a result of that! Try to allow them to move in unison. To protect or block an area where you are confident that terrorists won’t resist, spread out and huddle up against the walls. You must employ many strategies as the commander of the SWAT team to prevent member losses. At the conclusion of each assignment, the game will assess your effectiveness and determine the award you will receive.

Control your SWAT force

Good strategy alone won’t cut it. To do that, you must be a talented soldier. You can choose the ideal candidate for each challenging duty that lies ahead since Door Kickers: Action Squad includes a team of SWAT warriors. Each of them has a unique fighting style. Field Skills stats for Bruce Petty and Costin Dragomir are practically absolute. Consider utilizing their skills in difficult terrain. The two stats, Marksmanship and Assault Shooting, are at perfect levels since John Sonedecker appears to be a veteran soldier who lived through the Second World War. There aren’t many SWATs like him, but other team members might still be stronger if they’ve had more combat training.

Equip them with weapons

I have witnessed my guys being killed in gunfights. The explanation is that the gun does not shoot quickly enough and their armor is not very robust. I therefore struggled to finish taking the terrorists’ initial base. I’m aware that they require better supplies for equipment. Due to the escalating difficulty of each challenge, this is crucial for success. Action Squad has a range of weaponry in its arsenal, according to Door Kickers. You can purchase them and arm your SWAT teams with them for improved combat performance. High gun damage, though, does not necessarily guarantee an advantage. Although a shotgun is incredibly effective at killing foes with a single shot, it is best used up close. SMG guns are better suited for hitting targets at a larger range since they have low recoil and medium-range firepower. Bombs are also necessary, too. When your opponent is distracted by a flash bomb, you can kill them before they realize what is happening.

MOD APK version of Door Kickers: Action Squad

MOD feature

  • unlocking every chapter
  • unlocking every weapon

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Download Door Kickers: Action Squad MOD APK for Android

Door Kickers: Action Squad will soon surpass your expectations to demonstrate that a game need not have crisp 3D graphics to be appealing. In order to give players a better experience, it places a strong emphasis on gameplay and strategy-building skills.

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