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Name Diskdigger Pro
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Package com.defianttech.diskdiggerpro
Publisher Defiant Technologies, Llc
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Version 1.0-pro-2022-03-14
Size 5M
Requires Android 4.1
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Introduce about Diskdigger Pro

What is Diskdigger Pro?

Diskdigger Pro is a premium version of Diskdigger, an app that lets you recover deleted files on a rooted Android device. The program quickly scans the device’s hard drive for items including photos, movies, music, and documents, then presents them on the screen for you to recover when needed.

How does Diskdigger Pro work?

Because Android phones lack the Recycle Bin that PCs do, we occasionally destroy a special photo or a crucial file by accident, and we have little recourse but to wish it had never occurred. Diskdigger, an application that allows you to find and recover deleted files, was created by the developer Defiant Technologies in response to this problem. So, how does it function? If you didn’t know, when you delete a file from your Android phone, it is never totally removed from the system. It is still saved as a deleted file on the hard drive and is not visible when accessing the device’s storage. When Diskdigger analyzes your whole system, including deleted files, it provides you a second opportunity. After a successful scan, it displays all deleted files and gives you the option to restore them to their original state. Choose “Scan Full” to have the application scan your whole hard disk. Sure, you’ll receive a lot of results with a lot of system files, garbage files, and so on. The application allows you to specify the file type and minimum file size to assist you find the file you’re looking for quickly. To shorten your search time, you should use the most detailed method. You can additionally partition the memory for faster scanning, with the internal memory of the device appearing as “/data” and the SD card appearing as “/mnt/sdcard.”

What about the phone is not rooted?

To scan for deleted data on the drive, Diskdigger Pro requires that your Android phone be rooted. If your phone isn’t rooted, the app will still work, but it won’t perform as well as a rooted phone. The software can only search and recover certain file types, and there’s no assurance that you’ll find what you’re looking for. Only photo files, not video files, are available.

What is difference between Diskdigger Pro and free version?

Diskdigger Pro costs $2.99 on Google Play and offers far more capabilities than the free version. The Pro version can go deeper and more in-depth than the free version. The free version is mostly used to search for photographs and videos by the majority of users. You won’t be able to recover other file kinds, or a huge file type, with the free version. The Pro edition of Diskdigger includes extensive and strong digging capabilities. As long as your phone is rooted, you can use the program to search for and restore any sort of file using FTP. Furthermore, the application allows you to clean up excess space on your hard drive, allowing your device to have more memory and run more smoothly.

Where is the file saved after recovery?

After restoring a file, you have three options for saving it: in the application, on local storage, or on an FTP server. To quickly save data on apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Gmail, you can opt to save on the app. You must log in to sync your data on Cloud if you wish to save it on an FTP server.

Disk cleaning

This is a feature that is only available in the Pro edition. As previously stated, Diskdigger Pro has the power to entirely erase files from the system, making them unrecoverable. Even if you use Diskdigger Pro or a similar application, you will be unable to locate and recover the data.

What file types can this app recover?

Diskdigger Pro can identify and recover the following file types: ODT/ODS/ODP/ODG, ZIP, APK, EPUB, SNB, VCF, RAR, OBML16, OGG, OGA, OGV, OPUS, JPG, PNG, CR2, SR2, NEF, DCR, PEF, DNG, ORF, DOC/DOCX, XLS/XLSX, PPT/PPTX, PDF, X

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Download Diskdigger Pro APK free for Android

Diskdigger Pro is the most effective tool for recovering deleted files from your Android phone. This program also assists you in organizing your files and cleaning up your hard drive so that you have more memory. On Google Play, the app costs $2.99, but you can get it for free by clicking the link below.

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