Articles Director Asim Abbasi Hints Another Web Series

Director Asim Abbasi Hints Another Web Series

App Name Director Asim Abbasi Hints Another Web Series
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Update February 6, 2021

TheChurails director Asim Abbasi is all set to bring another mind-blowing web series. The dynamic director is known for his strong stand for women. Recently, his creation Cake,” depicting a women-support story, made it to the box office. And most of us already know about the bold “Churails” web series. Asim is now preparing for another blockbuster web series, maybe with a different narrative.

Asim Abbasi

Asim Abbasi has collaborated with Indus Talkies Productions from the UK to house his new creation. Although this collaboration was announced back in 2018, the work is now in progress. According to reports, Asim is casting the characters for this upcoming mystery web series – as it seems yet.

Asim Abbasi

In a Twitter post captioned ‘Round 3! Spread the word people and help us find some cool kids,’ Asim hinted at his new project. This casting call for 7-14 years old kids is quite a clue for the mystery web series. However, considering Asim’s previous projects’ popularity and success, the hopes are high!

Shooting, Location, & Release of Asim Abbasi upcoming webseries

Adding a little more information, the shooting for this web series is expected to commence in September 2021. Once the casting and selection of characters are completed, Asim Abbasi will head to rehearsals and then the final shoot of his new masterpiece.

The shooting location is said to be Gilgit, Pakistan. Its snowcapped mountains and rugged landscapes are a perfect film location. Additionally, filmmakers like Asim Abbasi know well how to provide a realistic experience to the audience. These little details are making us more excited!

As the shooting is not yet started, we can’t predict the release date. But we suggest you stay tuned on for more updates!