Articles Did Feroze Khan Really Dated Hania Aamir? 

Did Feroze Khan Really Dated Hania Aamir? 

App Name Did Feroze Khan Really Dated Hania Aamir? 
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Update February 2, 2021

Lately, in 2020, Feroze Khan divorced Alizey Sultan. The heartbreaking news spread like wildfire, and everyone questioned Feroze Khan, “why?” Many claimed that Hania Aamir was the reason for divorce. Rumors were that Feroze Khan was dating Hania Aamir.

Feroze Khan and Alizey Sultan

Soon after the news came out, social media was packed with speculations about divorce. A video made rounds on social media in which Hania Aamir and Feroze Khan were seen in a jolly mood. The people speculated that Feroze and Hania were together.

Feroze Khan with Hania Aamir

Feroze Khan With Hania Aamir Feroze Khan with Hania Aamir

However, neither of the husband and wife spoke about their divorce. There wasn’t any authentic source that could prove the divorce reason. It was all social media frenzy and speculations that caused defamation of the two, and Hania Aamir also.

Feroze Khan cleared up rumors; He wasn’t dating Hania Aamir

Feroze Khan interview

In a recent TV interview, the renowned actor finally spoke about a sensitive issue. Khan has said,

“I think I have never spoken about my family or my family matters. I would like to keep calm and silent on this rumor because it’s my personal matter.”

He also added,

“Putting a video without knowing anything will get you a few views on YouTube and a little bit of money, why sell someone’s life for that? So I think it makes no sense.”

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