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Introduce about DetentionDetention for an obscene passion! There are many different types of horror games, including those where you have to escape a haunted house or track down a serial mur...
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Introduce about Detention

Detention for an obscene passion! There are many different types of horror games, including those where you have to escape a haunted house or track down a serial murderer, as well as those with surreal fantasy aspects and traditional jumpscares. But there is a horror game that is entirely distinct from what you are used to and doesn’t fit into any of the previously mentioned eerie features. I’m referring to the narrative in Detention. The setting of Detention is both made up and true. You will play and feel resentment at the same time, yet you won’t want to leave the experience to return to reality. There are several trick questions along the road as the adventure progresses. Your goal in the game is to figure out every puzzle and collect every thing needed to get out of the ghostly school and the disfigured country.

Haunting detention story

From the location to the plot development, Detention is an odd horror game. The majority of the specifics occur in Taiwan during the 1960s martial law era. It was the tumult in politics and the military. The spirit of all individuals is captured by the thousands of beliefs, practices, and civilizations that exist today. The primary character of the novel is Wei Chung Ting, a regular student with a bad habit of dozing off in class. When Chung Ting woke up once, he heard a loudspeaker announce that a severe storm was approaching and that everyone needed to immediately leave the area. He followed suit and took off. And when he came across a girl, she was also dozing off. He roused her right away, and they kept running together. But he had the misfortune to be carried away by the river as he got to the bridge. The river water then abruptly turned blood red for no apparent reason. They appeared to have entered another universe at that very time. Everything was enchanted and just partially real. The two are compelled to work together to escape from hundreds of different demon species, unlock a number of puzzles, and discover hints in order to leave this weird location. Have you realized how many components are combined here at this point? All of the monsters, ghosts, and other supernatural beings in this haunted school have their origins in traditional Taiwanese myths and religions. The nation’s religious beliefs are where one can get exorcism tools and weapons to combat them all. The entire game is a journey through history to discover why Taiwanese people hold such beliefs in such high regard.


The gameplay is straightforward, but it’s also fair to say that it’s challenging. You can control several characters to explore an abnormal environment surrounded by mysterious ghostly forces by simply touching and dragging on the screen. The game’s opening acts have a strong Resident Evil vibe. There are a lot of difficult and unpredictable problems that take considerable focus and perseverance to solve. To find hints, you must also constantly roam and search via various locations. It is challenging. You need to keep an eye out for the school’s lingering ghosts wherever you go. They will happily hug you in shock if you confront them; otherwise, you will merely have to put up with the conflict. You’ll either have to hold your breath through the fight or divert them with rice offerings. Offering rice is not always possible, because there is not enough of it. You will expire if you hold your breath for too long. You will experience numerous weird emotions as a result of the many puzzle types blended with the wide variety of ghosts. The plot, which addresses all the complaints and perplexing circumstances the player has previously experienced, is the main focus of the game’s second half. It also provides a way out for those who are persistent and want to finish the game, allowing them to leave the haunted school and return to the real Taiwan. Of course, a horror game’s standard “specialty” is necessary: Depending on your decisions and angles of view, you will have a wide variety of outcomes. You will think back on the game’s past, its horror, and its perplexing scenarios after you finish playing. You then discuss your anxiety while reflecting on the locals’ past tragedies. Detention is one of the rare video games that, whether you “complete” or “conquer,” it or not, leaves so many “bitter aftertastes.”

Massive picture of culture and beliefs

Detention is a collection of myths, assumptions, and a bizarre array of spiritual notions that characterized Taiwanese culture at this difficult time. While playing the game, you have the chance to observe and experience Taiwanese culture through the background music, which features traditional Asian musical instruments and is occasionally lovely and other times intensely obsessed. The different musical genres include rock, electronic, and lo-fi. Believe me, even simply listening to it causes the player’s head to form all kinds of dreadful images. And it got even worse when I started the game. Detention’s 2D graphics were influenced by 1960–1970 Taiwanese literature, film, and books. You’ll be astonished by the doodles, the ominous patterns, the dark colors, and the classic images of the prayer tree, the paper fan, the lantern, and the iron-framed window.

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What a fantastic game with eerie images and soundtrack, a rich story, and numerous layers of connection. Enjoy the narrative, explore the riddles, and resolve the crises; you’ll discover genuine dread, not just the typical jumpscare, emanating from deep within your mind.

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