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Designer City 2

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Name Designer City 2
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Package com.spheregamestudios.designercity2
Publisher Sgs - City Building Games
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Version 1.31
Size 94M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Designer City 2Create cities in the manner of your choosing!GameplayA simulation game about designing cities is called ...
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Introduce about Designer City 2

Create cities in the manner of your choosing!


A simulation game about designing cities is called Designer City 2. Everything you need to know about developing your own land is contained in this small game. Building homes, apartments, and finally skyscrapers will be your first steps in luring residents. You must give the newcomers jobs once they have settled. You must construct enterprises, businesses, workshops, and factories, then grow them into cutting-edge industries and city services. They not only provide work for people, but they also represent the city’s modern status and promise for further growth. Let’s talk about your entertainment needs now, after lodging and employment. You will construct more bars, restaurants, theaters, stadiums, and other entertainment facilities as the city develops at each stage to give citizens someplace to unwind after a long day of laborious work. You erect hundreds of towers to confirm the city’s stable position in order for it to prosper and leave a more lasting effect on the world.

Make a smart city ​​planning and have a long-term strategy and vision to help the city develop steadily

The long-term, healthy development is the game’s central concept. Careful city planning is essential since your inhabitants don’t want to live in a polluted municipality. Planning well takes into account environmental issues in addition to reasonable building. Always take care of the city’s lungs. Try to have lots of parks, trees, and green, environmentally beneficial structures. At the same time, it’s crucial to oversee the city’s electricity and water supply, take care of garbage collection, sanitation, and waste treatment services, and cultivate enough food-producing crops. Without these components, the city will get out of balance and swiftly approach collapse. People are healthier and more productive, and industries and services develop more swiftly and generate more revenue for the city the more carefully construction calculations and green, sustainable planning are done. You’ll utilize this income to reinvest, construct new structures, and carry out a variety of additional improvements to the city’s quality. For instance, you could create a larger, more advanced transportation system and assemble a group of human resources to run the metropolis. To further develop business and tourism, you can construct seaports, sizable airports, and domestic and international trade routes. Sims who are content will put in more effort and earn more money, which you may use to construct and upgrade your city skyline. In order to keep your inhabitants moving day and night, control large traffic networks. Additionally, construct sizable airports and seaports to boost commerce and tourism.

Freedom to build things your way

In the city, everything is up for customization. To make rivers, lakes, and coasts, you can decrease the ground. Create hills, mountains, and plateaus by raising the terrain. The “Low Poly” art style, which enables you to freely grow and design your city however you want to be on top of city creation, is also available in Designer City 2. Your city building can be planned and developed in any way, at your own speed, and in a distinctive design. Designer City 2 is playable both offline and online. Play online against other city managers and get ideas from different cities and towns across the world. Alternately, you can play by yourself offline and completely lose yourself in the experience of creating and growing a city.

MOD APK version of Designer City 2

MOD feature

Unrestricted funds
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Download Designer City 2 APK & MOD for Android

It’s worthwhile to play the contemporary city-building and development game Designer City 2. You will have complete freedom to act anyway you like during the game. In this game, there are no restrictions. Let’s begin construction on the city of your dreams!  

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